Friday, March 16, 2012

Greatness Starts @Home...with my 'PAPA'

I just saw today that Globe has an on-going blog contest with the theme 'Greatness Starts @Home' via Twitter and sadly, the deadline of submission is on March 17 (tomorrow) already. Even though I am somehow hesitant to join because I feel that I am running out of time to write, prepare, and think of a 'cutthroat' blog post, I still want to try...albeit I am just a newcomer in the world of blogging. Perhaps I am not really after the prizes at all, but it's the fact that if ever this post caught the judges attention, my story will be featured on their page. And for me, that's even more than the prizes they are giving away. Because finally, I will have a chance to share 'our' story to the whole world which I know could inspire  thousands of people...

True, greatness starts @Home because there is where we are being created and molded into someone. There is where we are being thought of our parents to be strong before we can be able to witness the wilderness of the world. There is where we build wonderful moments with the people we love more than anybody else. @Home is where we make our first giggle, first step, utter the first two words we learn...

I actually never thought about this until today. I wonder if I belong to those cute little babies who at the first moment they learn to make a single sound, sheer the word/s 


Because I was only a year old then when I lost my mother. Many people usually ask if I can remember her...and my answer is also usually 'NO'...but how I wish I could.... 

Yes that was tragic...sometimes I feel envious with other girls whenever they are with their moms. And then, I will suddenly be reminded that my story is no compare to other orphans, who by tragedy or accident or fate, lost both of their parents at such a very young age like I did.

Whatever reasons or plan GOD has for us and my family for withdrawing my 'Mama' from us...still, I can't be grateful enough because HE gave me my 'PAPA'. And witnessing all the sacrifices of my father is where I understood the real meaning of the phrase 'Greatness Starts @Home'.

Right, greatness belongs to God for giving the three of us a GREAT father.

My father is a family driver, NO, pardon me. He's not just that, he can also be a plumber, a construction worker, a tricycle and Jeep driver, a welder, a laundress, a great chef and lastly, a MOTHER. Unbelievable but it's true. My dad just simply give all everything for us. After 20 years of my mom being gone, he still remains a widowed.

And these are only some of the reasons why people (who know our story would be amazed). 

Me and Papa on my graduation day @ PICC :)
I can even remember how my dad would tell the three of us the very 'gas-gas' line every parent would say, "Edukasyon lang ang mapapamana ko sa inyo, kaya mag-aral kayo mabuti. Dahil ako, noong panahon ko, hindi ako makapag-aral kahit gusto ko...". 

That line remained in my head since then. I knew that my dad has to work during his teenage years for his other 4 siblings since he is the breadwinner. He is my driving force, my inspiration that pushed me harder to studying hard and fighting against any trouble. @Home, our father is who we define Greatness. He showed us and make us identify the value of Greatness without even saying a word about it.

Now me and my brother have already graduated college while our 'bunso' is already on his 3rd year on tertiary level. 

Whatever me and my brothers have achieved presently, it is all because of our PAPA. He taught us values and molded us into becoming a better person. He taught us to be kind and understanding...of keeping a low-profile, keeping our feet on the ground all the time. It's my father's Greatness @Home that makes 'us' who we are today....

Greatness comes when you see genuine
happiness... (Papa, me, kuya and bunso
(the one sitting on the floor.) ♥
I think greatness doesn't qualify too much words but it's our mere actions that inspire our families @HOME and other people outside beyond the walls of our homes.

And it is not only greatness that can be started @Home. LOVE, APPRECIATION, HAPPINESS, VALUES, TOGETHERNESS is what makes it GREAT to be @Home with our family and loved ones... I also believe that Greatness started @Home must also end at some other part of the world...

I know, my Mama, wherever she is, is very proud of my Papa. For being able to play the role well of a Mother and a Father.

I love you 'Ma-ma'...and 'Pa-pa'... (at least I was able to say it here...and in my ♥)

Thank you Globe Tattoo! If it ain't because of you, I wouldn't be able to make a post as emotional as this one.  Crossed-fingers that you will be able to read this! 

For you guys, you can follow their blog contest by clicking the photo below or the caption, or you can also visit their facebook page here for more updates: 

Globe Tattoo 'Greatness a@Home Blogging Contest'


  1. This is so touching :"""> Made me teary-eyed since I read the word Papa :) Hope you win! :)

    xx Bei

  2. Hi Bea! Thank you so much for the appreciation...and reading it. ♥


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