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SunDManOnYourTummy: ORIANG by Cafe de Bonifacio: Further Revolutionizing Filipino Cuisine

This restaurant which I am about to share to all of you was a product of two brothers who had been part of the crusade in fighting to restore our country's freedom. Used to be activists and revolutionaries during the Martial Law period, Mr. Vicente and Alfredo Wenceslao brothers seemingly found a way to divert  their patriotism by venturing up to the food and restaurant industry.

The desire to show their love for our country remained in spite successfully restoring our democratic freedom after the People Power Revolution. Cafe De Bonifacio a restaurant cafe named after Andres Bonifacio also known as the "Father of the Philippine Revolution", is located at the 5th Floor, The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig. [You may want to read my CDB review here.]

Just as 2013 has started, the Wenceslao brothers put up another restaurant that we Filipinos will surely be proud of---Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio.

"Oriang" in fact, is the a.k.a of Gregoria de Jesus, wife of Andres Bonifacio. She also played an important role in the Katipunan. Oriang is only a continuation of further reinventing and revolutionizing Filipinos cuisine which CDB has started.

This time, invading the  City of Taguig, Oriang is to be found at the Fiesta Market area, of Market! Market! Mall. Since CDB is no new to me and actually has become one of my favorite restaurants in the Metro, I humbly accepted the invitation of Mr. Jael Wenceslao to try Oriang's take in the fusion of modern and classic Pinoy dishes.

Since it was the Valentine week, I came to visit with my boyfriend Dawn. Perfect timing as it may seem, we decided to have a post Valentine date with Oriang. And I couldn't be happier enough! Come and let me take you to a maka-Pinoy tummy tour!
The Giant Menu
First to welcome you is this life-size menu you'll find in front of the restaurant. I wonder how many customers this colorful and attention-getter menu has encouraged to dine in at the restaurant. It undeniably makes the pass-byers crave to death!
Kitchen Area
Oriang's group table

The setting and ambiance of the restaurant was more of welcoming rather than intimidating. I felt at home with its lively yet simple interiors. The huge photos of their dishes added some colorful and happy vibe to the place.
Oriang Crispy Noodles in Pesto Sauce: Complimentary
Each occupied table comes with a free appetizer, also my favorite, the Oriang Crispy Noodles with Pesto Sauce. This one is also being served in CDB for free.
Buko Lychee Shake: Php75 and Ripe Mango w/ Coconut Cream Juice: Php75
We had our choice of drinks, Dawn chose to have the Buko Lychee Shake and while I opted to try the Ripe Mango w/ Coconut Cream Juice. The first thing that came in my mind when I had my first sip was "oh, so refreshing!". I guess, what made it so refreshing is the fact that it's freshly made from real fruits. I also got a sip of my boyfriend's Buko Lychee and it tastes so natural and great as well, perfect for summer! 
Oriang fresh coolers topped with a cherry and Philippine Flag. :)
I couldn't help but to notice the flag on top of our fresh coolers. I  find it so cool and of course, very maka-Pinoy!

Let's now move in to the main dishes of Oriang. Just like with CDB, I knew that I can expect the same dish I saw from their menu. I mean, with Oriang and CDB, there's no delusion going on. What you see in the photos or menu is as the same as you would see it in the actual. 

Mr. Jael gladly offered us to try their Gambas, Binagoongang Bagnet, Bulalo and Super Fried Rice. Here's a closer look:

Gambas Al Ajillo is shrimp sauteed in garlic and  peppers and is one of Oriang's Superbstarters. The mouthwatering look of it didn't fail me. The spice of the Gambas Al Ajillo gave the flavorful taste of it a perfect balance. 
Nilagang Bulalo: Php325
Belongs to Oriang's savory soups, this Nilagang Bulalo is surely to make your day. Its beef shanks simmer fork tender does not need extra effort to chew as it will melt in your mouth. It comes with assorted fresh vegetables and the soup you will slurp up to its last drop.

Binagoongang Bagnet categorized under Family Favorites is made out of Crispy Bagnet tossed in their home special binagoong sauce. It was my first time to try bagnet with bagoong and it's ultimately unforgettable. For me, just their special bagoong sauce is enough for a viand.

Saving the best for last eh? Indeed! One of the signature and star dishes named after the restaurant itself, the Oriang SUPER Fried Rice
Oriang Super Fried Rice is rice sauteed in taba ng talangka, loads of garlic with liempo strips and vigan longganisa. At first thought, I expected it to be too tasty by its color. Surprisingly, it isn't. The rice is good to stand alone. But with the liempo and longganisa on top of it, I would like to think that it comes 2in1. The rice is good to 2-3 persons but I think I can finish a platter all by myself. haha! I highly recommend you everyone to try this first and foremost as soon as you drop by at Oriang. 5 Stars for this SUPER SARAP na fried rice! ♥
I would also like to introduce to you the spices/sauces that can accompany you with your gastronomical adventure at Oriang. I love any kind of sauce or dip so I didn't miss tasting them all! haha.
Further revolutionize your appetite with these seasoning and dips
From the left is the ginger garlic sauce, followed by onion garlic and chili paste. Onion and ginger garlic are said to be perfect if used for their grilled and hotplate sizzlers. While you can partner all you want the chili paste with any dish to boost your appetite.

Here we are now at my favorite part! HAHA! To cap off the festive lunch we had, we were served with these delish desserts.
Turon de Gregoria: Php85
Since Oriang is a sister restaurant of Cafe de Bonifacio, I'm glad to see some familiar dishes and even desserts in Oriang's food list. What made me jump for joy is when I learned that they also have my favorite dessert of all, the Turon de Gregoria, named after Bonifacio's wife as well. Its caramelized bananas, plated ala Napoleon style drizzled with caramelized sugar made it a MUST-TRY!

Leche Flan: Php70
We were supposed to try their Coffe Leche Flan (Kape at Leche Flan in one) but it wasn't available yet by the time we visited so we tried the plain leche flan instead. I would rather call it special leche flan, it is plain but it has a very distinct taste. I love sweets but not too much. This leche flan is awesome, it is thick and milky and got just the right amount of sweetness. :)

I am a coffee lover and it's the first time I heard something like Coffee Leche Flan. I promise I would come back for that.

The serving of the dishes above are good for 2-3 persons that makes its pricing very affordable. Imagine if you'd come with 3 friends of yours, you'd only have to spend less than a thousand to try different dishes at a time. Not bad right? Plus, I swear every last piece or drop is worth it.

See this Binagoongang Bagnet as example. I almost put my rice in it just to finish up everything if only Dawn didn't stop me. HAHA!

Something that is noticeable is the name of the dishes. It's very straight forward and very Filipino that it wouldn't make you ask, "can you explain to me what exactly this dish is made of?", which I usually ask in some foreign restaurants.

I would also like to commend the politeness of their staff as they would voluntarily offer you to try other dishes or avail the current promo they have. The cleanliness is unquestionable and as I've mentioned before, the ambiance is warm and welcoming that it will brighten up your gloomy mood. :)

I am deeply honored and proud to be one of the first diners who got to taste one of the worlds class Filipino dishes you'll find in Metro Manila. Salute to the Wenceslao brothers for making us realize that being a hero or patriotic need not require to lose one's life.

To me, Oriang is a secret home especially when you seem to be tired with the buzzing and crowded life in the city and want some time off alone with yourself...

 your  family...


or special someone. ♥♥♥
We're a happy and full couple! ♥
Planning to hit Oriang Restaurant soon? Come prepared! Check out their menu below. 
Click each photo to enlarge. 


Oriang also offers Hating Kapatid Salu-Salo Meals good for 4-6 persons. 
So don't be a loner! 
Bring your family and peers along! :)

That's it! I don't know what else to say. Words aren't really enough to tell you guys my satisfaction with this new place I would rather call a NEW HOME for EVERY JUAN. Try it for yourself and you'll know what exactly I'm talking about. :)
With Dawn, Chef BJ, and Mr. Jael at the Oriang's facade
Here's to Mr. Jael Wenceslao for being so accommodating and welcoming. :)

Do not forget to visit Oriang at Fiesta Market, Market! Market! Mall, Taguig! 
Kain na, mga Kapatid!
Can you imagine how hard it is for me to blog something like Oriang? Ah! Not easy! I'm craving as I type every letter! haha! 
Store hours: 
11AM to 12MN
11AM to 1AM
Location: Space 10-12, Ground Floor, Fiesta Market, Market! Market! Mall, Taguig City
Contact number: (02) 869-8967 / 625-0597 /  0927-724-0543
For more information and updates, like and visit Oriang on facebook.

See you there!

***Photos by: DK Ysmael
***Photos of Menu from Oriang

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Style Statement Inspired by The Ramp Crossings

I am sharing with you guys My Style Statement Inspired by The Ramp Crossings! :)

The Ramp Crossings isn't new to me actually, living near EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, it has always been my tradition to go inside their store and check their latest pieces. And when workloads doesn't permit, I keep myself updated through their website and other social media pages.
 (thanks to twitter, facebook and instagram! haha).

With the vast pieces, brands, styles and designs available on their website, I have to admit that I had a hard time choosing which style would fit my personality for this particular post. 

Since I found myself getting hooked with accessories that has the touch of the color blue lately, I immediately looked for blue-colored accessories and use them as my style inspiration in accentuating my Classy Chic look. For me, blue color suits perfectly if you want a very calm and subtle look. The color Blue is believed to represent sincerity, trust and loyalty at that. If you are like me (who loves flaunting her crazy fashion ideas) 
you may want to try this look inspired by The Ramp Crossings! :)

items grabbed from
template grabbed from

This is what I love about The Ramp Crossings, the brands, the styles and designs available in their stores and website are always up to date. It never goes out of trend. It pushes me to go beyond my limits and imagination. The variety of their wardrobes from accessories to shoes, tops and bottom help me find my way in the fashion world. The Ramp Crossings gives me the option to think out of the box and discover what I can do more when it comes to my fashion statement. It is only with The Ramp Crossings that I find my way to be extra creative in styling myself without losing my own personality--- 
always optimistic, young, and sweet. 

The Ramp Crossings provides everything that I need, for my head to toe, for my gloomy to happy mood, for the rainy and sunny weather! 

Hoping you'll like my own look shot! :)

Blue Metal Bracelet from The Ramp 
Blue Ribbon Hair Clip from The Ramp

I added the two cute hair clips I bought at The Ramp Crossings Store a few weeks ago to add some youthful and sweet vibe to reflect my personality. ♥

Like, follow and visit The Ramp Crossings for more trendy fashion staples and inspiration! 

Note: This blog post has been made to participate in The Ramp Crossing Bloggers Contest by Nuffnang. Click HERE to join.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Bid to Mochiko Ice Cream Facebook Contest!

Mochiko, the best producer of Creative Japanese Desserts, is actually one of my favorite desserts ever!

Mochiko has so far 15 different flavors to suit your changing mood and satisfy your cravings! 

Now tell me who wouldn't be in love with this colorful and very heavenly mochis? AAAAH! Just merely looking at the photos makes me crave to death!

Last June, I joined Mochiko's facebook contest dubbed as "Mochi Auction". The mechanics goes like this:

"What would you do to be one of the first to try Mochiko's new Oreos & Milk mochis? Join our first ever Mochi Auction!

We're giving away two months worth of Oreos & Milk mochis (10 boxes of 6pcs each) and a nifty Oreo gift pack to one person who gives us the best bid for them by the end of Sunday. We don't want money - we want to know what you would DO to get them! Will you get a Mochiko tattoo? Or maybe get Ian Somerhalder to make a "Call Me Maybe" video with you?

Make a bid in the comments section below! But don't forget - you must actually do what you bid or else you'll forfeit the prize!"

Know what happened next? I was so lucky to be chosen as the WINNER! Well, I think what made me win is that even though my bid isn't as peculiar unlike the other entries, mine is the most feasible one! See my winning bid below!

Now you know what this blog is for! hahaha. As stated on my comment, I feel so giddy and happy being one of the first Mochi Addicts who got to try their Milk Tea & Oreo & Milk Flavor at Yummy Eats 2012 held at the Rockwell Tent last May 26, 2012. Want some proof? Keep scrollin'!

Being an OREO LOVER that I am, one could tell that my face was an indescribable HAPPINESS! haha! It's like I fell in love with Mochiko's Mochis the first time I had a bite of it's soft, luscious and tasteful oreo and milk mochis! Soft that it actually melts in your mouth!

If only I could take them all home, I would! 
Photo taken  last Yummy Eats 2012
Mochiko's Newest Flavor: Milk Tea & OREO & Milk
 I got even more amazed with these GIANT pins! 

And now, as also promised on my bid, here is the first VLOG of mine featuring MOCHIKO with the ever famous Call Me Maybe song! This is my first time to make one so please bear with me! hahaha!

We indeed got drooled and crazy over their Avocado and Oreo and Milk Mochis!
This video was taken at Mochiko Makati: The Collective

By the way, Mochiko Ice Cream is now sure to be found anywhere, everywhere! Last Saturday night, I was surprised to see their stall at Midnight Mercato Night Market. Cool eh? :)

What are you waiting for? Find and visit the Mochiko Store near you and taste for yourself!

Facebook: Mochiko 

Or Call them Maybe? 
Mobile: 0999-884-0624/ 0917-831-0624
Please call or text between 9AM to 6PM only.

BIG thanks to my ever dearest couple friends, Ann Ville Purificacion (the one featured in the video) 
and Maiko Dungo (for taking the video) for making this video possible! 

More importantly, thanks to Mochi for choosing my bid! ♥

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quickpost: Random Saturdate Afternoon

After spending the entire morning at home cleaning, bumming, reading, and watching films, I decided to spend my afternoon at the nearest mall near our place which is EDSA Shangri-La Mall. 

It was already around 4pm when I went out, perfect time for me to take a walk to the mall since the sun is quite setting. After paying for our electric bill, I suddenly felt my intestines crawling inside my tummy. haha! I almost forgot that I only had breakfast till that time. 

I thought of having milk tea but then instantly felt of eating in a Japanese Restaurant. I kinda felt the crave of eating something with crab-stick or tempura. 

Options were Kimono Ken, Tokyo Tokyo, Pepper Lunch  and SumoSam. My feet brought me at SumoSam instead and got enticed with their Kani Sizzling Plate which I will be sharing with you on my next SunDManOnYourTummy post. 


After my late lunch, I remembered that Marks & Spencer Philippines' CRUNCH Time Promo is still on-going and you know-what-happened-next. Haha! What did I buy? See my upcoming post. :)

And just when I am about to leave the store, I noticed the photos displayed on the event center of the mall. As a usual pass-byer of the mall, I kinda used to photo/painting exhibits in the said area. Since still feeling bloated from my satisfied craving, I made a quick look on the photos displayed. 

Photos showcased are actually entries from  the Standard Chartered Bank Philippines' Company-Wide Photography Competition. Sharing with you some of the interesting and creative photos from different categories including the best entries and runner-ups in the competition.

Seeing these photos makes me feel proud. They reflect the rich culture traditions and heritage that we Filipinos have. Competitions like this is indeed a constant reminder that patriotism still lies somewhere in the heart of each and every Juan. Filipinos are undeniably gifted with so much talent and creativity. Congratulations to the winners and I hope that more of this kind would be initiated not only in the private sectors. I encourage you guys, especially those who are photo enthusiasts, to drop by to see for yourself and get some inspiration. 

Being overwhelmed with the pieces of arts of our own fellow Filipinos, I got reminded of a book written by a Filipino author that I've been wanting to read since last month. I passed by the National Bookstore on my way home and was lucky to be able to grab one of the last two pieces left in the rack.


Thanks to them for accompanying me home. hahaha! Hmmm, thinking to whom shall I give the other M&S goodies. :) Also, I promise to make my first ever book review once I'm through with the book. 

So this is how I got a Random Saturdate Afternoon with myself. haha! I think it went well because I didn't even notice the time plus, I got to try and discover new things on my own and give myself a little treat. :)

See particulars on my upcoming posts! Stay tuned sweeties! 

How about you? How's your Mid-October Saturday? Rather, when was the last time you had a random date with yourself? :)

(Oh it's Sunday already! 2:00 AM exactly on my laptop. Have a great Sun-date with God and your family!)

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