Thursday, May 31, 2012

SunDMan x Summer Dream Giveaway!

How are you sweeties? You feelin' the cold rainy breeze already? It's been raining a lot lately especially during afternoons and nights...right? People say that summer has already ended....but definitely NOT in this blog! Not yet sweetie! Because I have here some supah HOT items for you!

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This is the first giveaway that I will be using Mr. Rafflecopter. I hope this one works well! 
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brow WOW Day with Browhaus Manila

I was born late-bloomer and slightly boyish. haha! I don't really explore things to improve myself. Or when I have to, it's just because everybody had already and I make sure to  ask the experts to do it for me. 

Last week, I was invited for a Brow WOW day at Browhaus-Manila, Greenbelt 5 Branch. I never knew that there is a salon made only for our eye brows! Still, I wasn't sure of pursuing since I don't see the need to shave or trim off my brows, unless other wise needed for some special occasions like being  part of a wedding entourage, etc. But when I knew that Browhaus-Manila isn't just an ordinary salon, I didn't think twice! haha! 

Upon my visit, I learned that Browhaus is an International Specialty Salon for Eye Brows and Eye Lashes. I didn't actually know that there is such. All I know is that brow services can be found in any Hair & Beauty Salons.

Pioneered in Singapore, this international brow salon assures its customer with Brow Architects or Brow Masters trained by its International Instructors. So you are confident to entrust your eye brows with them. Aside from Singapore, other international branches are located in Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, & Bangkok. 

Last 2008, Browhaus was finally introduced here in the Philippines, franchised by Ms. Roberta Abad, Browhaus was initially situated in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio. Being a hit, their 2nd branch was later on launched at Greenbelt 5 in the year 2009, where I and my boyfriend recently had our first ever Brow WOW experience. :)

Come with me as I take a tour in their WOW facilities, products and services!

One thing that attracted me to immediately get inside is this: 

I love the green submarine theme in this branch. Green is my favorite color so don't wonder why. :) The color added a vibrant yet relaxing and welcoming ambiance to the Salon.

Inside the submarine is their ultramodern electric barber's chair:

As you would notice, Browhaus-Manila offers ultimate privacy with it's tiny clean room. Take note, they're not just dividers! There is a fire extinguisher and trash bin at the sides of the chair. As a customer, I would feel relieved because it's evident that aside from sanitation, safety is also their top priority.

What made me love this brow salon even more is their motto I spotted at the back of their submarine doors:
You would also find different witty mini billboards in each room: 



Love that Face Booked idea! haha.

Bloggers' Corner! They obviously love bloggers!

The little hall with purple walls adjacent to their Strip Wonderland.

Just so you know, I love taking photos of my face because there is where you can find my asset, my eyes! I thought they are good being left untouched. Little did I know that I can have my eyes emphasized and lively with Browhaus' BROW Services:

Get your brow style in shape with their basic brow shaping! 
Classic Threading: Php580
Modern Tweezing: Php 580

Color Tweak: Php950
Have your hair color and eye brow perfect-matched to accentuate your facial features and add life to your gloomy face with only vegetable-based dyes that guarantees 100% safety!


Shaping and Color Tweak 
Browhaus offers elegant 2-in-1 solution for you to achieve perfect brow balance for the price of 1. Get the right shape and the perfect shade with Browhaus' Browgraphy:
Classic Threading: P1,295
Modern Tweezing: P1,295

Instead of spending almost Php1600 for brow construction and tweak, I suggest you try Browgraphy instead where you can save up to Php300! Great deal right?

Since I haven't tried professional brow grooming services before, I was challenged by Ms. Shayne to try their Browgraphy! Geeez! Sounds exciting but scary! HAHAH!
Unlike other salons, they don't use threads that are for sewing. They use only 100% cotton threads for  brow shaping.

Threading hurts but not as much as plucking do. I remember my cousin pluck my brows that left my eyes in tears. It was my first time so maybe it will hurt a little lesser on my next threading session.
Tweezing time!
My brow architect here is very light-handed that I almost fell asleep on their electric chair! haha. I can feel she's carefully doing it because she knows that I am a first-timer. I can even hear her say 'sorry' every time she would with stroke me with the thread. She is also very nice for patiently answering all my questions! hahaha.

I also noticed that every time she would go out and go back in the sesh room, she would sanitize her hands with alcohol before touching my eye brows. I'll give 5 stars  to that! 

Wanna see how it's being skillfully done? Check out this video! 

HAHA. Thanks to Dawn for the vid! I didn't know he took this because my eyes were closed! hahaha!

The brow sesh took only less than 30 minutes. So if you're in a hurry, running of time or caught in an urgent situation, this service is actually time-friendly! haha.

Now let's compare! See the 'befores' and 'afters' here:

Look at those scattered and uneven eyebrows of mine! Hahaha. Browsing my photos before makes me feel somehow ashamed! How come I keep posting my face on facebook/twitter and other social media sites with this kind of eyebrows? Lifeless and dull! Gawsh! o_O

Good thing Browhaus is within reach to have my brows transformed into thick, compact and feisty one! Yey! See the transformation here! 
Favorite angle! haha

Now I have more reasons to take more more photos! haha. I am very satisfied with the result. The color tweak indeed added some glow in my face and my brows seem to finally found its right path. I was awed! Perfect!!!!

You just wait! Because aside from me, Dawn, my ever supportive and loving boyfriend also had a chance to be under the spotlight of browhaus' famous electric barber chair! Yes, Brow Grooming isn't for women alone. Guys can also have their brows cleaned. In Dawn's case, he actually pluck them since he has a very thick eyebrow like Jenny the Orangutan has. JOKE! PEACE! haha. And we were told not to do that ever again because we might over-plucked our brows and wrong handling of our brows can lead to infections and eyebrow ingrown hair. 

Same with me, I can tell that he's also sleeping in these pictures! hahahaha!


See? His brows could almost reach one another!


You see the BIG Difference? From messy to cleany brows!!!

By the way, if you are thinking of trying out their brow shaping either by threading or tweezing, you have to wait for at least 5 Hours after the session before you can wash your face or apply any cosmetic on the threaded part of your face. Otherwise, it might cause hair ingrown or infection.

This In-House Product which is called ICE CREAM (sounds yummy), was applied to our brows to prevent too much swelling caused by threading. It feels cool and soothing to the skin.

Thanks to our brow architect Eds! ♥
Eds, Browhaus Architect
Aside from their Browgraphy, Browhaus is also popular because of their Brow Resurrection (popularly known as Mother of All Treatment),  a semi-permanent brow enhancement for lifeless, tired brows!
They offer FULL BROWS and LENGTHENING that produces lifelike brows with the use of their latest advancement in brow technology that lasts and is actually painless. Tune up and after care products are also available to ensure that your brows are perfectly maintained. 

Check out their other BROW and LASHES services here:

For as low as Php200, you can also have your upper lip or lower lip threaded. They also offer a COMPLETE WORKOUT for only Php1,600 that includes Brow Shaping (Threading)+ Forehead + Upper & Lower Lip + Cheek + Chin + Sideburns. If you will avail all of them separately, more than Php2,000 will have to be at stake. 

Browhaus gives as well different promos monthly for their clients. There are also plans where you can share the services with your family or friends for a certain period of time. 

Browhaus is indeed a trustworthy specialty salon that assures quality services and at the same time, providing perks  and discounts through their packages and combo services for their valued customers.
With my new found friend Jenny and her babies!
 After care products: 
Strip Peace: Php 550 per ampule
This anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product is perfect for fast-growing hair. It impedes or slower down the growth of every hair strand. Can be used for your brows or even after waxing.
Ice Cream: Php 1,750
Ice cream is an anti-inflammatory cream that can be used for rushes, mosquito bites, eczemas or even pimples! It has a moisturizing and soothing effect on your skin. Safe to be used for children or even pregnant women.  Take note: NOT EDIBLE!

Rena Muse Moisture Mascara: Php3,950
A collagen gel conditioner that treats damaged, weak and miserable lashes. Effective for both treatment and styling. RENA Muse contains Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Collagen to nurture and moisturize eyelashes. Daily use of it can combat eyelash loss.

There are a lot more safe and high-tech In-House Products you can find in Browhaus. They would love to assist you if you aren't sure of what product or grooming service is perfect for you. Don't be shy to approach their kind and sweet Brow Masters and Architects for consultation. :)

More photos! HAHA

Right! Remove all your Hairy Inhibitions only with Browhaus and Strip Salon!
Ms. Shayne Tiuman, Browhaus Operations Manager
Thanks to Ms. Shayne for the warm welcome and for accommodating us! 

Of course, for the Browhaus loot! So sweet!

Soorrry for flooding you with photos sweeties! I took a lot of pictures really because I just loved this brow salon! Thanks a lot to Ms. Shayne Tiuman and Ms. Roberta Abad for our Brow WOW Experience! I will definitely visit again, hopefully at Serendra Branch! ♥

Caught in a Bad Browmance? Feel free to visit Browhaus Manila in these following branches for inquiries and appointments:

Store Space 4-0003B
4F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City,
Manila Philippines
Tel: +632 501 3998

Store Space 2C13
2F The Piazza at Serendra,
Bonifacio Global City,
City of Taguig 1634,
Tel: +632 901 0597

Opening hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM- 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM-10PM

For more updates, visit, like them on facebook at Browhaus Manila or follow them at @BrowhausManila and show them some virtual love! 

You might also want to know about their partner in removing hair inhibitions, Strip: The Ministry of Waxing for some strippin' session. Visit for more info!

Love love love,
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy birthday Papa! ☺

Today is the birthday of the most important man in my life. The one who tirelessly and patiently manage my stubbornness and tantrums since I was a kid. The one who continuously give pieces of advice and support whenever I need one. He is my father Luisito Manahan a.k.a Papa Otis! I love him with all my heart and I just cannot be more grateful to GOD for blessing me and my siblings such one-in-a-trillion DAD! 

If we're friends on facebook or even a fan of my facebook page...your timeline definitely got flooded with my greeting posts addressed to my dad. Before I forget, today is also the birthday of my Ninong Jhon Jhon who is in Singapore now. He is the youngest brother of my father and it's just amazing that the first and last siblings was fortuitously born on the same date, May 28. So you could always expect double-celebration with that. But not anymore since my Ninong has to fly to Singapore for greener-pasture. 

Going back to my father, I know words will never be enough to make him feel our LOVE but I just want to express and share how much HE mean the world to us. Thank you Papa Otis for constantly and endlessly devoting your time, sacrifices, love, and life for Alvin, Sunshine and Luisito Jr., ALONE for 20 years and counting ever since Mom died. I am sure she's happy in tears today watching us grow into virtuous and upright beings. Thank you for always reminding us to always keep our feet on the ground and to keep our faith in HIM. You are the best dad one could ever find in the world. Happy Happy Birthday PAPA! We love you so much!

I wanna share to you the photos and quotes + messages I shared on my facebook account. :)
Really, sorry for flooding guys! :)

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. -Unknown Author"

I love you Papa Otis Manahan! This day is all for you! :)

"There are three stages of a man's life: He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus. -Unknown Author"

I love you Papa Otis Manahan! Happy birthday! :)

My favorite and the last:

"The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children, is to love their mother. 
- Anjaneth Garcia Untalan"

He did the greatest thing. Being a widower for 20 years and counting...I love you Papa Otis Manahan!♥

Trials are always there. Our secret in overcoming each of them? We face every life's challenge together. :) Thank you to Papa Otis! Happy Birthday!

One more!
Happy happy birthday Papa Otis! We love you!!!!♥

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

WINNER of SunDMan x Eazy Fashion Mid-Summer Eazy Giveaway

I would like to extend my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to all of you who joined my Mid-Summer Eazy Fashion Giveaway sponsored by Eazy Fashion! It means a lot to me! :)

BIG THANKS to Eazy Fashion for doing this collaboration with me! 

Sorry to be announcing this late. I quite had a hard time putting all the entries together because I have to secure that ALL entries including the additional ones are included in the list. Also, I have to double check if the WINNER picked by Mr. Random is qualified. Sorry guys, I am really mabusisi. hehe. So here's the 1 LUCKY Reader who won a Set of & 7 Emily Brushes and Flattering Butterfly Dangle Earrings!

To Ricalyn, I'll be getting your details thru facebook message so that Eazy Fashion can get your details to send you the prize. Please reply to me as soon as possible. Again, congratulations to you! I wish I'm in your shoes! So love those Emily Brushes! Grrr! 

Keep visitng Eazy Fashion's facebook page and website to keep updated on their latest wonderful collections, promos, discounts and even blog sponsorships!

To all my sweeties, I appreciate all your efforts! Currently, I am the leading on Meg's Dare to be different challenge! It's all because of you! Thank you for following the additional mechanics! 

You know what guys? So far I am enjoying holding giveaways. That's why I'm planning to hold my very own giveaway...hmmm...soonest! What do you think is the best prize to give? Accessories? Clothes? Shoes? GCs? Cosmetics? What? I'd love to hear your suggestions! It will help me decide easily! hehe. :)

For the mean time, I still have one more on-going giveaway, the prize might get you interested to join. hehe. Please follow the link here: SunDMan x Needle Trade Shop Summer Finale Giveaway!

Again, thank you for showering SunDMan with your love and support! 

Goodnight kisses,

WINNERS of SunDMan x Personalized Accessories First Major Blog #PAgiveaway!

Yaaaaay! Time flies real fast! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I launched my first ever blog giveaway! THANK YOU Ms. Joan Lee of Personalized Accessories for sponsoring this first giveaway. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for joining my humble giveaway, it will not be successful without your support and love! I am so overwhelmed with the 270+ entries this giveaway has garnered. Well, I do understand why because the customized items from Personalized Accessories are truly must-have! I am deeply grateful! To my family, friends, readers, and to you sweeties, I love you all! It was a blast! Clap! clap!

I know you are excited to know who the winners are as much as I do so here they are! Please take note that every share and tweet has been verified by yours truly to make sure that everything's fair and square. To those who didn't make it, please don't lose hope...more more giveaways will be launched here at sundmanonfeat. Also, keep checking Personalized Accesories page because Ms. Joan Lee's continuously holding giveaways for her fans! So please always visit my blog and PA's facebook page. :) OK. Enough. Here are the winners!



Congratulations girls!!! I so envy you! :)


Thanks to I don't have to personally choose the winners! To all the winners, CONGRATULATIONS! I will be sending you an e-mail for the prizes. Thank you so much sweeties! Mwaaaah!

Oh by the way, Personalized Accessories will soon be having it's own website for easy purchasing! So better watch out for that. For the mean time, you can follow/visit PA's blog at or follow and like Personalized Accesories on twitter and facebook and show some looooove! :)

Love ♥,
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