Friday, March 30, 2012

Calling all pet lovers and enthusiasts! Bring your pets to a Special Pet Blessing + get 50% OFF on grooming service!

Pets are families. Pets are our source of joy next to our loved ones. But pets aren't just pets. They have feelings too and also need some unwinding. So why not give them a break by having a date with them at The Purple Groom today?

I know you guys (especially girls) think about your pets grooming more than your own (at some point).  HAHA! So today is the best time to spoil them a little for being such a good buddies because The Purple Gloom's Xavierville Branch is holding a Special Pet Blessing! That is March 30, Friday, 9AM.

Sounds great right? Not only that! They are also offering 50% OFF on grooming service for this very special occasion.

There's no doubt that Purple Groom is the second home for your pets. Their commitment is to make your poochies happy and clean! Thus, their groomers are only certified licensed dog handlers to make sure your pet's every visit is comfy and snug. They also offer  home service for select Metro Manila areas. The Purple Groom is the only pet shop that provides quality services for a very reasonable price!

Purple Groom has 3 Branches. See below the complete address and contact numbers of each branch.
  • TIENDESITAS stall 3A-3B Bldg. 14, Pet Village, Tiendesitas, Ortigas-C5, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City
  • GREENWOODS lot 13 b5, Greenwoods Ave., Greenwoods Exec. Village (along Sandoval Village), Pasig City
  • XAVIERVILLE #73, Xavierville Ave, Loyola Heights, QC (shop is in front of BPI Xavierville) (1 minute away from Ateneo in Katipunana Ave.)

For inquiries, you may reach them through these numbers:

Cellphone: 0917-5689988 / 0917-5191234

Landline: 9661403

You can also visit their website at or like their facebook page, The Purple Groom for more information.

A lovely Friday for you and your poochies! See ya! *kisses*

Much love,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Switch off your lights! Go beyond the hour!

World Wild Fund (WWF), a non-profit organization is hosting 60+ Earth Hour which will be observed on March 31, 2012, Saturday, from 8:30-9:30PM worldwide.

This year, WWF is promoting 60+ Earth Hour which means going beyond the hour of switching off our lights.

WWF Philippines together with LGUs, other non-profit organizations and private sectors are actively encouraging the whole nation to participate in the Earth Hour Campaign.

SWITCH-OFF Ceremonies will be held nationwide! So every Filipino has no reason not to participate in this move to save our mother Earth. Here are the official venues for the switch-off ceremonies:
Luzon: Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Visayas: Plaza Independencia, Cebu City
Mindanao: SM City Davao, Davao City
There will be a parade to kick off the switch-off ceremonies. Program will start by 7:00PM.

For those who cannot come, you can still participate by doing it on your households and by joining your whole community! Yes, that means no facebook, no twitter for more than an hour. But every little action can make a BIG difference! So let's do this together to save our planet!

Photo Credits to WWFPhilippines

According to WWF Philippines, Philipines has topped city and town participation for 3 Years. So why not again this year?

WWF Philippines is inviting everyone to submit their photos and videos after the switch-off, on how they and their community participated. Earth Hour Shirts are also available for this feat. By the way, you can make any of these photos or photos you can see on their page your profile picture until March 31 to show your support!

Spread the word and participate to Earth Hour 2012! Remember, GO BEYOND THE HOUR!

Earth Hour is definitely More Fun In The Philippines! (Photo Credits to WWFPhilippines)

Visit and like WWF Philippines on facebook and follow them on twitter at @WWF_Philippines or go to their website at for more information.

Mark your calendar! March 31, 2011! To those who are in Luzon, I shall see you at Ayala Avenue, Makati!

Much Love,


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conquerors Meet Richard Gomez

This happened last March 13. (So sorry for the late post!)

My brother and I have always loved and have always been a fan of Bench! My brother usually buy his closet essentials there and is actually collecting different colors of Bench Towels. He also has a loyalty card of Bench. While I love their Tofu Slippers, Undies and Colognes.

This year, Bench is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. So as part of their celebration, Bench is having a lot of promos and giveaways on their facebook and twitter page for their fans and loyalties. 

Last February, they held a promo on their twitter account where followers should constantly and actively answer their questions for 5 consecutive days. It's been quite a while that I cannot recall exactly what the 5 questions were anymore but the questions were all about the word CONQUER since the prize is a bottle of Conquer Perfume by Richard Gomez

Followers should tag @Benchtm with the hash tag  . Participants can tweet as many answers as they want. Since it's their 25th Year Anniversary, BenchTM will choose 25 consistent tweeters for the promo. Aside from a bottle of Conquer Perfume by Richard Gomez, winner will also have a chance to have a lunch date with Richard Gomez in a 5 star hotel!

I decided to join and ask my brother to join as well since we're both active on twitter and other social media sites. LOL. Well, it's also a way of promoting our favorite clothing brand. :)
Luckily, me and my brother Lui were chosen. We were announced as one of the CONQUERORS! 

Sadly, since the date will fall on a weekday, my brother sent my father (who idolizes Richard Gomez a lot) as his representative. And since the date will fall the day before my birthday, I decided to take a leave from work. haha!

Until March 13 arrived. 

My dad was so excited that we came at Circles Makati Shari-La as one of the early birds. I even had time to take this creative shot of him while waiting at the lobby!

I titled this photo 'The Enlightened One'. LOL! Love you dad!

It was our first time to enter at Shangri-La Makati, first time to eat at Circles and first time to meet Richard Gomez.

When Bench Staffs arrived at the restaurant, we were asked to join them in the exclusive function area at the restaurant. While waiting for Mr. Richard, we got the chance to mingle with other winners who made it that day and have some photo opts. 

This is my new found friend Anne (one of the early birds too), 22, she recently graduated last week. She's now a communication professional like me maybe one of the reasons why we easily got hooked with each other. we're almost the same age too because I was about to turn 21 by that time then. She does modelling and loves attending various fashion events.
Here is Ms. Gigi, PR Specialist of Bench, conducting an interview for a post-event PR for Bench.

Dad with Mr. Miguel of Bench.

The other winners.

Bench Family.

After a while, we were asked to eat lunch while still waiting for Mr. Richard. Yey!
Take note, it was a buffet lunch! So generous of Bench! :)

My father and I separated ways. He busy choosing from all the viands while I headed out on the 'Desserts' section immediately. haha!

I swear I am sooo gonna go back to this restaurant with my family! For only Php1,600, you can taste different scrumptious cuisines. So worth it! Will share to you guys more about Circles Restaurant on my other post at SunDManOnGastronomy. :)

Mr. Richard Gomez arrived on the middle of our lunch. The world seemed to stopped for a moment. He was so adorable and handsome! I am not really a fan of him but the fact that he's a celebrity made me ecstatic. 

My dad kept on demanding on me to take a photo of him and Richard! haha.

Dad is soooo happpy!!! 
We paused for a while Ms. Theresa Leung of Bench formally introduced to us the very first celebrity endorser of Bench! Mentioned also were the other on-going promos of Bench like #1M41M where Bench will donate 1 Million to the chosen charitable foundation of the Celebrity Endorser of Bench who has the highest number of votes once they reached 1Million followers on twitter. If you wish to know more about this campaign, feel free to visit at Together with Bench, let's save lives. :)

Richard also gave a little talk and trivia about Bench, but the most remarkable part of it was when he said, "This is not just about having lunch, it's about Bench giving back to people and helping others. Through you, as a fan of Bench, we can work together in giving a hand to those who are in need."

True that! Each of us can help on our own little way. If we will only WILL it.

Going back to Richard Gomez, I can say that he's cool and natural aside from the fact that he's really tall. He can actually relate to all of us without being proud. He's very charming and approachable. He talked and shared stories with us as if he we're his friends. 

Of course I can't miss having a photo with him. :) I was really so nervous being seated beside him!
Feeling Lucy Torres! hahaha!
After everyone was done eating, we proceeded to the other function area for the awarding of the Conquer Bottles. 

Credits to @benchtm for tweeting us these photos:

We love @benchtm! ♥

It was a great opportunity for me to celebrate my birthday in advance with my father. The overjoy I saw on my dad's eyes were more than enough for a gift! I know this is only one of the most exciting, most thrilling experiences I will encounter this year. 

Bench's staffs were all nice and friendly and sweet! I was even impressed with their teamwork and coordination in putting up this special event.

No wonder why Bench Clothing Brand is actually one of the global pinoy brands we can truly be proud of. November last year, if I am not mistaken, this brand was featured at this very popular American reality television show, which is also my favorite, America's Next Top Model (ANTM)! Produced by none other than Tyra Banks herself. Model, VJ Georgina Wilson was the one who represented Bench on the said show.

So guys, if you are a supporter of true global pinoy brands, follow @Bench on twitter or like Bench /Lifestyle + Clothing on facebook. I swear, so much of giveaways and promos are waiting for you the whole year round because Bench is celebrating their 25th Anniversary.
Thanks to Bench for the 'so many first times' and by making this all possible! :)

I must say, Bench is truly one of the reasons why it's more fun in the Philippines!

Much Love,


Friday, March 16, 2012

Greatness Starts @Home...with my 'PAPA'

I just saw today that Globe has an on-going blog contest with the theme 'Greatness Starts @Home' via Twitter and sadly, the deadline of submission is on March 17 (tomorrow) already. Even though I am somehow hesitant to join because I feel that I am running out of time to write, prepare, and think of a 'cutthroat' blog post, I still want to try...albeit I am just a newcomer in the world of blogging. Perhaps I am not really after the prizes at all, but it's the fact that if ever this post caught the judges attention, my story will be featured on their page. And for me, that's even more than the prizes they are giving away. Because finally, I will have a chance to share 'our' story to the whole world which I know could inspire  thousands of people...

True, greatness starts @Home because there is where we are being created and molded into someone. There is where we are being thought of our parents to be strong before we can be able to witness the wilderness of the world. There is where we build wonderful moments with the people we love more than anybody else. @Home is where we make our first giggle, first step, utter the first two words we learn...

I actually never thought about this until today. I wonder if I belong to those cute little babies who at the first moment they learn to make a single sound, sheer the word/s 


Because I was only a year old then when I lost my mother. Many people usually ask if I can remember her...and my answer is also usually 'NO'...but how I wish I could.... 

Yes that was tragic...sometimes I feel envious with other girls whenever they are with their moms. And then, I will suddenly be reminded that my story is no compare to other orphans, who by tragedy or accident or fate, lost both of their parents at such a very young age like I did.

Whatever reasons or plan GOD has for us and my family for withdrawing my 'Mama' from us...still, I can't be grateful enough because HE gave me my 'PAPA'. And witnessing all the sacrifices of my father is where I understood the real meaning of the phrase 'Greatness Starts @Home'.

Right, greatness belongs to God for giving the three of us a GREAT father.

My father is a family driver, NO, pardon me. He's not just that, he can also be a plumber, a construction worker, a tricycle and Jeep driver, a welder, a laundress, a great chef and lastly, a MOTHER. Unbelievable but it's true. My dad just simply give all everything for us. After 20 years of my mom being gone, he still remains a widowed.

And these are only some of the reasons why people (who know our story would be amazed). 

Me and Papa on my graduation day @ PICC :)
I can even remember how my dad would tell the three of us the very 'gas-gas' line every parent would say, "Edukasyon lang ang mapapamana ko sa inyo, kaya mag-aral kayo mabuti. Dahil ako, noong panahon ko, hindi ako makapag-aral kahit gusto ko...". 

That line remained in my head since then. I knew that my dad has to work during his teenage years for his other 4 siblings since he is the breadwinner. He is my driving force, my inspiration that pushed me harder to studying hard and fighting against any trouble. @Home, our father is who we define Greatness. He showed us and make us identify the value of Greatness without even saying a word about it.

Now me and my brother have already graduated college while our 'bunso' is already on his 3rd year on tertiary level. 

Whatever me and my brothers have achieved presently, it is all because of our PAPA. He taught us values and molded us into becoming a better person. He taught us to be kind and understanding...of keeping a low-profile, keeping our feet on the ground all the time. It's my father's Greatness @Home that makes 'us' who we are today....

Greatness comes when you see genuine
happiness... (Papa, me, kuya and bunso
(the one sitting on the floor.) ♥
I think greatness doesn't qualify too much words but it's our mere actions that inspire our families @HOME and other people outside beyond the walls of our homes.

And it is not only greatness that can be started @Home. LOVE, APPRECIATION, HAPPINESS, VALUES, TOGETHERNESS is what makes it GREAT to be @Home with our family and loved ones... I also believe that Greatness started @Home must also end at some other part of the world...

I know, my Mama, wherever she is, is very proud of my Papa. For being able to play the role well of a Mother and a Father.

I love you 'Ma-ma'...and 'Pa-pa'... (at least I was able to say it here...and in my ♥)

Thank you Globe Tattoo! If it ain't because of you, I wouldn't be able to make a post as emotional as this one.  Crossed-fingers that you will be able to read this! 

For you guys, you can follow their blog contest by clicking the photo below or the caption, or you can also visit their facebook page here for more updates: 

Globe Tattoo 'Greatness a@Home Blogging Contest'