Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Plump Pinay + The KOI Show

I've been wanting to see The Plump Pinays, Danah and Stacy Gutierrez. 
I just learned about them last month I think? They in fact, inspired me to bring my
 old self back and throw away those big fat insecurities. I think it's their blog's description that turned back that flaring confidence in me. 

That is why when I learned that The Plump Pinay is one of the Style Icon Designers 
of the Latest Summer Collection of KOI Swimwear, I already knew I was coming at the Summer Fashion Show. 

KOI is a swimwear clothing online store where you can find swim suite that never goes 
out of style. They offer quality and noteworthy garments where you can proudly flaunt
 your skin and body with. This swimwear brand offers different sizes for women of 
different personalities! From petite to a plump like me. From minimal to lavish.
 And that made me love KOI even more!

Thanks to Manila Shopper for the free invite at the KOI Show! Luckily, a friend got an invite too so I have no more reason to back out. Alas! 

Even though I am feeling no good because of LBM (eewwwy! lol) and the headache 
caused of the high pressure, I went there all the way from Bulacan.

I was so determined to meet and talk and grab a photo with them that night (because I won't make it on the meet and greet the next day that will sadly fall during my office hours) and of course to witness KOI Swimwear's latest collections...

And so it happened! My heart jumped sky high when I saw that flaring red hair lady looking at the mirror as I was retouching on the same glass she was also looking at. It was Stacy! Can you believe she was the first person I saw at the event? HAHAHA. My lucky night I guess!
We have a witness right there. The floor map! Lol
HOMAYGASH! Stacy is soooo gorgeous and very pretty and very kind! A hottie plumpie! Sadly, I didn't make it with Danah. :(

My night was complete! Actually, I could go home already after having a photo with Stacy. LOL. Of course I can't afford miss the designs of the top fashion and style bloggers 
Tricia Goisingtian, Patricia Prieto and the twins The Plump Pinay.

KOI launched their very first Style Icon Line along with their SWIM and LUXE collection.

The Plump Pinay or shall I say, The Proud Plump Pinay Style?
The Twins with their curvy and alluring models. :)
Their designs are named: Adrianah, Anastazcia, Plumpinup and Viderlina.
Love that "plumpinup"! Very bright! haha. These designs are said to be perfect for 
REAL WOMEN like me. Can fit a plump up to XXXL size.

Grabeeeh! The crowd went wild when the models gave up a booty shake! 

Here's Patricia Prieto's (I would describe as) fierce and futuristic designs:
I felt like she was kinda shy to walk on the ramp which made her
look adorable and sweet.
Those fierce pieces are called Normandi & Paradigma. If you're the MODERN and EDGY
type, you gotta include these up in your summer essentials. :) 

Of course, the last but not the least, the anthology of Tricia Gosingtian!
These pieces are undeniably her, namely Lolita and Slumberdoll
DAINTY? VINTAGE? You found the right slices for you!

I love all of their designs! Each was tastefully and creatively fabricated. 

After the show, I was lucky to grab a photo with Tricia too!
With the cutest doll-like fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian.
My friend Jamie, Me and new found friend Ann. ♥

Here's a closer look on what I wore for the show themed Summer Glam. :)

You think I made it? LOL!

What a sizzling night that was! Gladly, my tummy behaved really well that night. hahaha!
 I hope to see all of them again...while wearing one of those trendy and cute swimsuit. Saaaabeeeeh? hahaha. Thanks to Miss Mannequin for my wonderful summer dress and to my sweetie Jamie for the shots. ♥

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Love love,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Personal Thingy ♥

We all love receiving personalized gifts or presents because that means that the one who gave it put a little effort to think of something they know has a 'sentimental value' to us.

Oftentimes, people who are very dear to us are the ones who come up with these ideas. It goes the same when we are the ones who think of something to give to our loved ones on a special occasion or just an ordinary day. We make sure to give them something they could use and see everyday and something they could keep for a long time and could touch their hearts.

I wanna share to you guys this personal thingy I recently discover. It is the Personalized Accessories which is being managed and owned by a superwoman Ms. Joan Lee. She is the answer in putting our gift ideas into reality. Can you believe that she's the one who personally make these accessories? Personal indeed!

You can search or do a design on your own, give it to her and she will do it for you and for your special someone! She can also give some help and suggestions for your gift idea. Take note, these items are very pocket-friendly!

Check these amazing items guys!
Personalized Puzzle Necklaces
Perfect for lovers! Reminds me of the pick-up line: "Puzzle ka ba? Binubuo mo kasi ang araw ko e!". haha! Right guys? You can also give a broken heart a try,  give the other half to your crush or your girlfie, and let them fix your heart into whole again! 
So cheesy and sweet that is! hahaha!

You can also shout out 'ILOVEYOU' to your parents, friends or crushies or whatever you want to say through Personalized Standee or Necklaces like these:

My SunDMan Glittered Pink Standee from
Personalized Accessories ♥
Twitter Addict? You gotta have this one! LOL
More Personalized Necklaces HERE.
With Personalized Accessories, you can also get to choose the type of chain for your  necklace! See them HERE.

 Personalized Key Chains
Aside from keys, you can also use this cute chains for your
bag, phone, pen, or anywhere you want!
See more samples of Personalized Chains HERE.

Bowtie, Mustahce, and Star Acrylic Rings for my giveaway!

Necklace from Simply Stunning Collection for my giveaway too!  
These are very trendy accessories you and your friends can have this summer! Be the star of the crowd or  be the apple of the eye of your crushie whether you're in a party, beach, sagala or any event! 

Lots of color variations available!

I personally love those glittered and mirror colors because for me they're eye-catching. :)
 Click HERE for a closer look on each color.

Still in doubt? 

Here's the GOOD NEWS guys! SunDMan is soooo lucky and blessed to be sponsored by Personalized Accessories on her FIRST MAJOR #PAGIVEAWAY! ♥

Have a chance to score Acrylic Rings and a Simply Stunning Necklace only here! Worth of Php700 PA Items await you all for the month of May!

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What are you waiting for? Let the countdown begins!

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Contact Numbers: +69175404393/ +639223816846
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Love love,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jergens Anywhere, Anytime Makeover Promo

Be one of the 8 Lucky Ladies to win a total of Php100,000 worth of makeover products and services including Apparels, shoes and accesories from MISSY
Salon services and gift certificates from YSTILO SALON
3-Day Personality Development Training with Certificate from JOHN ROBERT POWERS
and get FEATURED on magazines like Candy, Meg and Cosmopolitan Philippines!

Isn't that awesome?

Be one of the Lucky 8!

Click HERE to join and to view full contest mechanics
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Remember, 8 winners will WIN the Php100,ooo worth of prize, so you definitely have a big chance of winning! 

Jergens Anywhere, Anytime Makeover Promo runs from March 15, 2012 until May 20, 2012 only. What are you waiting for? Share your Jergens Anytime, Anywhere story now!

Much Love,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

PLDT and Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

Have you watched the Ana Banana PLDT Commercial recently? Well, I am telling you guys gotta watch it!

  It's very touching and at the same time very timely and witty. The story is about this boy who composed a song for the girl he crush in school, recorded a video, and uploaded  it in youtube. Now his supportive mom will always watch it at anytime of the day. Of course because of the fast connection of PLDT myDSL. Before going to bed, when she woke up, when she's in the bathroom, as in always! Then when the video reached a hundred views, the boy rushed down on their stairs to tell his mom that the video had 100 views without knowing that it's his mom who's untiringly watching the video. So sweeeet!

Nice no? I am deeply touched. Mother knows best talaga and they would do everything for their children. I think this type of commercial falls on the Situation Approach or popularly known as the Slice-of-Life Approach. Waaah! Need to review my Advertising Notes! haha. If it's not, you guys feel free to tell me what is the right approach for this commercial. haha.

The song is sooo nakaka-LSS din! haha. Ana Banana...I love a bunch...♪♫

Watch the Ana Banana Original Song by Derek S. Lorenzo:

As I am making this post, the video has reached 1, 244, 327 hits already! 
Who can't resist the natural charm of this cute boy? 

Now, as his video hits 1 Million views on Youtube, he made this Thank You Video Song for all his viewers. The lyrics was actually composed of the comments made on his Ana Banana Video. So kulit lang! And so cute pa din!

Now here's what to watch out from PLDT myDSL!

1. PLDT myDSL Plan 1299 is now upgraded to 1Mb from the previous 768Kb.
2. For subscribers of Plan 990, upgrade your subscription to Plan 1299 by simply adding 300 to your monthly bill.
3. For more information, go to

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now! Because the strongest connections are at home! :)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Day on Earth Global Screening

In line with the celebration and observance of  the EARTH DAY 2012, tomorrow, April 22, The Mind Museum will be hosting Philippines' One Day on Earth Global Screening.

                                                   3000 Hours of footage. Every country of the world. 
                                      ONE DAY OF FILMING A HISTORIC DOCUMENT OF 10.10.10

Watch the One Day on Earth Global Screening!
Tomorrow, Sunday at 6:30PM at The Canopy Plaza, The Mind Museum, Taguig, 

Confirm your attendance for Philippines' Screening HERE. Just make sure to RSVP.  :)


I'll be there so I hope to see you at the screening sweeties! Good night! 

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Follow Philippine Earth Day on twitter.
Visit PED's website:
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SunDMan ♥

Yabu Experience

SunDMan ♥

Be A SUNDAE PAL this Summer!

SunDMan ♥

Heatwave Summer Bazaar 2012 x Booth #57

*Still groggy O_O* from KOI's fashion show last night. haha!

But as promised! Here's my adventure at the world trade center with my dearest friend Jamie. Adventure talaga? HAHA.

We both love sales, bazaars, trade fairs and tiangge and whatever you call it. *wink*

We went to the event right after SoFA Open House. It's already the 2nd day of the 3-Day Bazaar. Our entrance tickets was sponsored by Ms. Maris so her store which is Miss Mannequin, Booth 57, was the first we visited.

Tadaaaaa! We went uber crazy with her summer dresses and pants! Perfect summer outfits they are!

 Jamie (My friend, one of my first mini giveaway winner, left), 
Miss Maris Tan (Owner of MM, Center), 
& Yours truly, SunDMan (right)
See how colorful her booth was? Summer na summer! Love it!

 Jamie and I had a very hard time choosing from her collection. From the designs and colors...

Almost half hour had passed and these are what we decided to buy:

Our MM choices!♥
I picked the 3-in-1 summer dress while Jamie chose the chic dress with a ribbon she could use in meeting her clients.

2 of my giveaway winners were spotted at Miss Mannequin's booth! 
[Photo grabbed from MM's page]

Adorable Jamie.
Cutie Maria Ysabel (Left) with her friend

Of course the three of us were privileged of 10% discount on any MM items! Yey!

We then pigged out before going booth to booth. The fragrance of beef shawarma lured us to seat on Enzo's Shawarma booth. haha!  

 Tempting Enzo's Shawarma. Uuuuy!

The best shawarma rice I've tasted so far! As in! So sulit for only Php60. 

Grabe. Will hunt for this! haha.

Fueled up, we took a souvenir photo on our tummy experience at the event. :D
Burp burp! 
We made sure to visit each and every booth. Yeah right. Deadma lang sa wedge! hahaha.
 Don't you know guys that shopping can be healthy as well?
Walking for almost 3 hours is like equivalent to your 1 hour morning jog.
Plus, you tend to focus your attention to other stuffs instead of foods!

The event was sponsored by GMA 7. Little did I know that this event is also for a cause. There was an auction where proceeds will be given to Kapuso Foundation. That day, performer celebrity guests were Barbie Forteza and Jake Vargas while the auction was hosted by Kuya Germs and Gerald.

Host Gerald and Kuya Germs with Jake Vargas

Barbie Forteza singing I love Rock 'N Roll

Some of the booths at the bazaar: 

With Miss Diana Zubiri

 My favorite photo that day. Thanks for Jamie for taking this pic. I had a pimple on the left side of my nose. Nora Aunor lang? lol.

Wearing my favorite Prima Donna Shoes as usual. Top from Juana, Skirt gifted from my boyfie's sister, Bag from Salvatore Mann.

Let me reveal to you the stuffs I shopped at the bazaar. :D

Summer dress from MM, and petty cute accessories I randomly bought. 

See that polka-dotted headband? The ribbon is removable. I'll partner this with my polka dress I had from off price show.
 Check out that McFloat and McFries earrings too! So cuuuuute! I wanna eat them. HAHA! Its made out from clay from ANUANU. :)

I also was finally able to take a glimpse of my pasalubong from my Kuya's and sister-in-law's Bora  and Davao Trip. 

The orange hat's from Bora. The purse and the earrings are from Davao. I requested for the Capiz Earrings since I already lost the one I bought at Davao when we visited there. ☺

Going to bazaars like Heatwave is therapeutic. Because your world will be suddenly filled with colors and fun. The fact that you will also be able to help while enjoying yourself is uplifting and terrific. ♥ 

Now, am I ready to hit the beach? Soooo reaaaady! 
Let's go beat the summer heat sweeties!

Love and Kisses,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Before the weekend strikes

Yay! Still haven't uploaded anything from the Heatwave summer bazaar! Forgive me please! Anyway here's what to catch up later and tomorrow before the weekend strikes. :) 
Be posting the bazaar event maybe tomorrow? *wink*

TODAY, April 19

KOI Swimwear Summer Fashion Show will be held later at Prive, The Fort Entertainment Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

KOI Swimwear will be showcasing their 3 latest collection featuring the designs of the country's top style and fashion bloggers: The Plump Pinay, Tricia Gosingtian and 
Patricia Prieto.
Lucky guests will aslo have a chance to win an I Love KOI Swimwear and many more!
I will be there later so I hope to see you there! Thanks to manilashopper for the free invite! ♥

~~~FRIDAY, APRIL 20~~~

OPENING of FOREVER 21 at The Block, SM North EDSA
 You read it right! haha. I am so happy because finally Forever21 will be nearer to me. :p
I wish I have a room of wardrobes as big as their Mega Mall Branch! I am a big fan of F21 and I am so excited I just can't hide it! LOL! 

The sad part is I won't be able to come due to office. :( So if you are free, be sure to drop by early because they will be giving freebies to early birds! If you shop for at least 5K this weekend, you'll also receive a special gift from them.
And don't dare forget to bring your F21MasterCard to special discounts! 

I'll try to visit by the weekend.  *wicked grin* 
Branch openings are really love. clap. clap.♥
Also taking place tomorrow, is I love Koi's KEDS X STYLE ICONS. This is a meet and greet with the designers: The Plump Pinay, Tricia Gosingtian and Patricia Prieto at Complex Lifestyle Store, Eastwood Mall  from 3PM onwards.

Free Happy Lemon Drinks await first 50 registrants!
Wait! There's more! If you come with your Keds Snickers, you have a chance to score exclusive prizes! 

Shhhhhaaame! I wish it's weekend tomorrow! Inggit much to those who will be able to come. Share some pics ha! :)

Love love, 
SunDMan ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mich Eats & Shops: Makeup Bonanza Blogversary Giveaway Part 2

Good evening guys! I am supposed to be snorting already while hugging my pillow and NOT suppose to be hitting my laptops keyboard. HAHA! I wasn't feeling good the whole day. Sorry for ranting thru twitter and facebook. Wish me well guys! I have a very important event to attend to tomorrow night. So I am hoping to kick off this headache when I wake up. LOL.

By the way, here's what makes me awake when I am suppose to be sleeping already. Haha!

I know you guys wanna win these too! Visit here to know more about this giveaway!
Good night and good luck! ☺

Much Love,