Sunday, April 22, 2012

PLDT and Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

Have you watched the Ana Banana PLDT Commercial recently? Well, I am telling you guys gotta watch it!

  It's very touching and at the same time very timely and witty. The story is about this boy who composed a song for the girl he crush in school, recorded a video, and uploaded  it in youtube. Now his supportive mom will always watch it at anytime of the day. Of course because of the fast connection of PLDT myDSL. Before going to bed, when she woke up, when she's in the bathroom, as in always! Then when the video reached a hundred views, the boy rushed down on their stairs to tell his mom that the video had 100 views without knowing that it's his mom who's untiringly watching the video. So sweeeet!

Nice no? I am deeply touched. Mother knows best talaga and they would do everything for their children. I think this type of commercial falls on the Situation Approach or popularly known as the Slice-of-Life Approach. Waaah! Need to review my Advertising Notes! haha. If it's not, you guys feel free to tell me what is the right approach for this commercial. haha.

The song is sooo nakaka-LSS din! haha. Ana Banana...I love a bunch...♪♫

Watch the Ana Banana Original Song by Derek S. Lorenzo:

As I am making this post, the video has reached 1, 244, 327 hits already! 
Who can't resist the natural charm of this cute boy? 

Now, as his video hits 1 Million views on Youtube, he made this Thank You Video Song for all his viewers. The lyrics was actually composed of the comments made on his Ana Banana Video. So kulit lang! And so cute pa din!

Now here's what to watch out from PLDT myDSL!

1. PLDT myDSL Plan 1299 is now upgraded to 1Mb from the previous 768Kb.
2. For subscribers of Plan 990, upgrade your subscription to Plan 1299 by simply adding 300 to your monthly bill.
3. For more information, go to

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade now! Because the strongest connections are at home! :)


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