Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Candy Girl for A Night

Waaaaaaaaah! I still can't believe I am doing these girly stuffs lately. And why only after I have graduated college? HAHA. Going to events like this isn't my thing to be honest. I used to be a homeschool girl during my school days. haha. Growing up with two brothers is maybe one factor why I slightly turned into a boyish-type-of-girl and a late bloomer. Anyway, I had fun being a Candy Girl for the very first time. Albeit late and felt real sad because we didn't witness the event proper, we decided to paste a big smile on our face and took lots of photos instead of sour-graping. HAHA!

Please do give me a warm hug and show me some love. And be honest of what you think about what I wore as a Candy Girl. HAHAHA! Well at least I am trying right? hehehe.

I was choosing between a black mullet skirt and this black sheer pleated square-pants. As you see, the square-pants won. Thanks to my friend Imee for helping me decide. I got the pink-polka-dotted top to partner with and pink accessories which are feather earrings, wired bracelet, and pink pouch. Pink and black motif for a sweet and elegant candy girl that night. :)

I like this idea of Candy Mag of putting up this bar counter with colorful party drinks...which are actually made up of different flavors of juice. hihihi.

My "GIRLY" poses: 

Patricia Prieto 
Lauren Young
I with my friend Jamie ♥
On the other hand, this post is also to congratulate Candy Magazine for the success of their first ever Candy Style Awards! Congratulations also to all the winners especially to my favorite style icons and fashion bloggers Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co! ♥

This is my favorite photo from that night. I look candid and genuine though I must admit I was caught off guard. LOL.  :)

To my surprise,  I loved being a Candy Girl for a night! Thanks to Candy Magazine for  helping me unleash the girly side of me! Candy Magazine is undoubtedly the Every Filipina Teen's best-est friend! Until the next style awards!

Feel free to share your Candy Girl stories sweeties!♥

Hugs and Kisses,

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