Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy mother’s day to all the MOMS, MAMAS, MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS, NANAYS, INAYS, and LOLAS,in the world!

I wanna thank my mom for carrying me into her womb for 9 months and letting me witness the world. ♥

Let me share to you a littlee drama guys. This event of the year is actually the saddest for me, I feel envious to all the girls out there sharing photos, stories of their lives with their moms. You are so lucky and blessed guys. 

Most of the time, especially when I feel alone or something happened that made me feel super bad, I can’t help but to think of how my mom would comfort me, or how it feels to be hugged by her. Yes, I can’t remember for she’s been long gone, exactly 19 years and 9 months and 9 days today. I had so many questions, what ifs  and maybes back then. Why my mom?  Why that early? Why GOD let it happened? Yes, at some point of my life I questioned GOD.   What if she's still with us? What if we're still together? Maybe I'd be a different girl today. Maybe we are an excellent example of a perfect and happy family. Maybe I am not doing this post today if...only...she's still alive. But I think LIFE is made that way, it's a big  and mysterious journey and only the ONE who knows only knows. 

As I grow older, I gradually realize that there’s no need for me to feel sad or envious or pity of myself.  I am even more lucky compare to other children...Today, I am rather grateful for God gave us such a wonderfcul dad albeit HE took away our mom 2 months after she gave birth to our bunso.

I know that my mom is always around us, watching and protecting us from all the harms of the world. Now I learned to focus my attention instead to the most important people in my life.
I wanna thank these people below here who tirelessly care and shower the '3 piglets' with unconditional love.

To my best enemy, my Grandma for helping out my dad raise 3 matatakaw and makukulit na piglets. LOL!  haha.

To my ‘mommy susan’ my dads sister, for also being there for us since we were kids...

Last but will never be the least, to my PAPA OTIS! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY DAD! CHEERS! (with echo echo echooo echoooo….LOL)

Just like what Bimbi tell to his mom in a commercial, you’re OUR NUMBER 1! Thank you PAPA for all the sacrifices. For the love and for being strong for us. We couldn't imagine if GOD didn't give us YOU. You are the best DAD in the world for the three of us. I promise to be there for you Papa even if I get married or have my own family. I'll take care of you because I know I cannot do better than what you did for us. You will always be my driving force and inspiration and I will always be your unica hija, your stubborn yet sweet little princess. From the bottom of my HEART, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU PA! :)

Let's seize up each and everyday with our parents guys. When it  comes to ur parents, there shouldn’t be ‘there’s  still tomorrow'. Nothing can beat their love, patience and understanding. We owe everything to them so they deserve to feel loved and special every second, every minute, every day and every time we are with them.

Look at us Mama, I believe, it is because of your guidance as well that we were able to surpass all the hardships and turmoils that crossed our way as a family and we will continue to be. We may not see and feel you physically but in our hearts, you are the best mom in the world! I know you are happy wherever you are. Stay and never get tired of us Mama. I love you with all my heart and soul. ♥

Enjoy your day with your moms and whole family! Wishing you an unforgettable and meaningful mother's day!

Sorry for the early cheesyness guys. I think all of us can be this corny when talking about our loved ones, right? Don’t forget to greet your moms a happy mothers day and seal it with a very tight cuddle and sweet looong kiss on their cheek or forehead! ♥



  1. You got teary eyed, for sure. Greggy is so adorable. :)

    1. Of course not. Thanks for dropping by my dear kuya. :) I miss ya!


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