Monday, May 14, 2012

My Newest Favorite: Lorys Hair Cream

How's your mid-summer so far sweeties? Rainy nights have been knocking on our doors for the past days. Which is a sign that few days more and we're about to welcome the wet season again. My! Time flies uber fast! Nonetheless, you cannot deny that the Summer Heat is still around the corner. My hair can attest to that. haha! I still get a malagkit hair after taking a very short walk from the walkway to my office. Argh! Bad hair day pa din!

Odd, because when I got in my office just this morning, I noticed that I didn't feel like having a malagkit hair at all. Aha! It's because of my latest discovery! [Sorry may pagka-slow LOL]. Have you tried yourself 'Lorys  Hair Cream' yet? I suggest you try this one before it's too late. I was really surprised because my hair retained its softness and fragrance after exposing it under the heat of the sun. Kaya naman pala my mom was asking, after using it yesterday, where I bought this world-class Brazilian hair conditioner. 

I love you this much sweeties that's why I am sharing this to you my newest favorite, Lory's Hair Cream! I am so glad I finally found the one that could 'actually' take care of my hair. The one I am using before leaves my hair sticky, frizzy and somehow lifeless. If you have a long hair like mine and OC when it comes to your hair, let me introduce the best hair  care product for you!
This is what I used today, Lorys Professional Hair Cream 'Nutri Sun Gloss'. It has an indescribable fragrance which seems to last a lifetime that made me keep on smelling my hair until this afternoon.

Nutri Sun Gloss is perfect to use during summer days. We all know that extreme exposure to sun can indeed damage our hair and make it dry.
With Nutri Sun Gloss Lorys Cream, you're confident that your hair is protected against the heat of the sun, moisturized and shiny throughout the day. Nutri Sun Gloss was developed for summer hair care, for extreme nourishing, moisturizing and sun protection. It gives your hair vitality and shine while restoring hair structure through a protecting film to avoid aggression caused by the sun. (Now I know why!)

I haven't tried this one yet but how I wish I can eat this! hahaha! Lorys Duo Chocolate!
It smells so sweet and chocolatey! I suggest you keep this one away from children, otherwise, they might eat this like how I wanted to. :) 
As stated on the label, Duo Chocolate can give your hair immediate hydration and it's ideal for damaged and sensitive hair [like mine]. Lorys Hair Cream Dup Chocolate comes with thermal activated  silicone to provide intensive care to damaged and delicate hair. It's the conditioner produced from Chocolate + Keratin + Silicon that restores the vitality and shine of chemically treated hair.

Even if I haven't tried this one yet too, I just knew that this is my favorite. I love the smell of this FRUIT COCKTAIl HAIR CREAM. HAHA! If only they weren't hair creams! LOL. The fragrance of this one is so addicting. I swear! I bet your bfs or hubbies wouldn't resist the heady scent of this one.
Lorys Hair Cream Fruit Cocktail can give a GOOD Hair Day to ALL HAIR TYPES. How cool is that? It was created to care and condition different types of hair. Formulated with nutritive and revitalizing fruit extracts which help protect each hair from harmful effects and make hair softer, bouncier and shinier.

Lorys Hair Cream Snake Oil Effects and Shea Butter are also available. Snake oil effect can protect and restore chemically treated hair and can increase your hair resistance and flexibility leaving it nourished and soft while the latter tends to deeply treat and condition curly and dry hair. Its Shea Butter formula has a softening action that adds up volume to your hair while leaving it softer and shinier. 

With the variants of Lorys, it can suite you hair nourishment accordingly. Lorys Hair Cream brings the HAIR SPA EXPERT into our homes so there's no need to go to salon because  with this special conditioning treatment, we can now have a D-I-Y- Hair Spa even EVERYDAY! So you  can't blame me guys if suddenly switched to Lorys, my newest favorite and only trusted hair product today! 

Lorys, unlike other bottled brands, is trustworthy when it comes to the measurements of their products. You can see that the containers are fully filled up with conditioner.

Lorys has been internationally recognized in over 40 countries including USA, UK, Venzuela, UAE, Malaysie and many more!
*Lorys Hair Cream is also available in 1000g*
Available in all leading Department Stores, Supermarket, Retail, and Drugstores nationwide!

Our hair is our crowning glory so it deserves only the best hair care product like none other than Lorys Hair Cream! For Everyday CONDITION. PROTECTION. HYDRATION.
Prove it yourself sweeties!

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