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My ZALORA Wishlist

One of the things that I love for being a blogger and being an internet savvy is ONLINE SHOPPING and making WISH LISTS. Finding online stores are easy-breezy nowadays right? As a newbie in the world of bogging, shopping online is very useful to me especially in finding unique but pocket-friendly dresses and accessories that I could use for various events.  Let me impart to you my latest online shopping comrade, ZALORA Philippines! If you're an internet savvy like me, you surely know by now this biggest and latest online store available for your wardrobe lab. 

Before I reveal my top 5 Zalora Wish list, let me tell you the reasons why I so looooove this newest shopping pal of mine.

1. Accessible. I love the idea that I can shop even of it's already midnight. Plus, I can maximize and use my free time to keenly choose and decide which product to order. I can also take a closer look in each of the item that I want.  If you're thinking about the fact that you cannot touch or feel or see it in reality, fret no more because with, ZALORA, they provide their shoppers various outlook of each product. They also offer 30 Days Return for their customers which, I rarely find in other online depots.
Aside from their website, they are also within reach thru their twitter and facebook pages. So if I have questions or clarifications, they are awesomely just a tweet away!
2. Hassle-FREE.  With ZALORA, I can my have my lovely items delivered right at my doorstep for FREE on the same day I purchased it (3 hours delivery for Metro Manila customers)! So there's no need to stress out myself  by going out buying in stores bumpin' and smashin' with other customers (especially during SALE). No need to go floor by floor in checking out the latest trends in all my fave clothing lines and no need to tire yourself in carrying multiple shopping bags too. ZALORA has more than a hundrend of TOP Brands in store for all of us shopaholics! 
3. Economical. It means spending less for transportation and less exposure to pollution. You know what I mean. :)
4. Diversified. Check out their catalogues and you'll know what I am talking about. So many items and top/signature brands to choose from! From tops to skirts to dress, to shoes, bags and accessories!   Not only that, I can also check right away the products available for my size which is XL. hahaha. ZALORA indeed offers a wide array for online shopping addicts like me. Theirs is the most user-friendly online store I've ever been too!
5. Easy-Perks. Keep an eye to the latest SALE items of your favorite brands with ZALORA!   Oh, you can also check-out the newest items available on the NEW ARRIVALS tab!
5. Payment Method. The last two reasons I am going to share are out of topic from the ones I mentioned above. This is one of the first things I consider with online shopping-Payment Method. Zalora offers Cash on Delivery so Z-ero worries that you might have just been a scam victim. They also accept payments from major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, & Paypal and online banking for BPI, BDO and China Bank. Cool right? 
6. Wishlist. My favorite of all. With wishlist, I can keep track of the products that I wish to purchase but currently taking my time to save money so that I can have it purchased later on.  Sometimes when our eyes are filled with so many doodles, we tend to lose ourselves wanting to buy all of what we see and go crazy with our budget. That's why wishlist is very helpful to me, it puts me on a certain goal, which is to finally have them in my cart. Of course I can't let those items stocked in my wishlist forever or see them getting out-of-stock one by one. I also limit myself to 5 items on my wishlist so I won't get to pressured and agitated. I promise to purchase the first five before I put another 5.  That is how I keep myself CONTROLLED and SYSTEMATIC. Isn't that being organized as well aside from being goal-oriented?

The are some points you need to know about me before I reveal my wishlist! :D 
  • I love wedges, platform wedges to be exact. Aside from the fact that it help me look a lot taller, I also find it comfortable to wear for I am worry-free to get out-of-balance. Killer heels literally kill me. hahaha!
  • I am a plus size, I instantly search for XL sizes for clothes/wardrobes.
  • My feet size is 6 or 36.
  • I love nude and earth colors and my color which is yellow since my name is Sunshine. :)
  • I love details, zippers and pockets in wardrobes, bags and embellishments.
  • I go for uniqueness and quality.
So here are the marvelous 5 items you will see in My ZALORA Wishlist:

Noahs-Nude colored Platform Wedge by March

I knew I have to have this the first time I saw this! I just love everything about this shoes, the style, the color, the ankle strap, everything! 

Art's Brasil's Wedge Sandals

See the wedge's alluring weaved and braided details? Aaaw. Who am I to resist those! Perfect match for my summer dress! Didn't I mention I love nude colors? LOL.


I wonder how does it feel like while these strappies are clinged in my back and arms.  LOL

The color, the multitude pockets and compartments, and that hanging cute little monkey beside the Kipling Bag. No need to ask why this is included in my list. I can imagine wearing this very functional and stylish bag while doing some photo walk in my favorite province or even while wandering in the noisy streets of Manila.  I already know what to put in this perfect-sized brown backpack. :)

Oversized Drawstring with Tassel by
The Little Things She Needs

I love the Irony there. haha!

I fell in love with how this bag can look so old school yet modern and stylish. I wanna use this in my office and see how my colleagues will be amazed or while strolling inside the mall, 
an eye catcher. ♥

Oh by the way, this bag and I have something in common. In case you don't get it: We're both OVERSIZED. haha! I wanna challenge this bag and see how deep it can go with my essentials. haha! 

Short Dress by SOLO

Loving the loooong zip-line and the belt!

The last but not the least, this short summer SUNSHINE dress! I adore the simplicity of this dress yet you would notice the color uproaring. That little detail saying 'Kenkoy' also caught my attention which, I think, clearly defines my personality which is bubbly and added a 'Pinoy' touch to it. I find the dress' design witty. I think this is a perfect match for the Kipling bag and Art's Brasil Wedge Sandals. What do you think? :p

As a newly grad, I am still in the light of being a responsible daughter and sister to my family. My priority as of the present is my family and part of it is supporting my little brother in his schooling, so I know it would take me a while before I finally able to have these 5 adorable items and see them in my closet. I hope the fairy god mother of all fairies is watching me while I am writing this post. ♥ I believe the universe has conspired as early as now to make all of them come true! :)

Treat yourself a terrific shopping experience with your newest shopping-mate, ZALORA! Get Php250 Voucher when you sign up! I bet you'd definitely agree with me! Feel free to share your wishlist with me sweeties! ♥

Big hugs and kisses,

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