Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photo Diary: Moonleaf Xie Xie Party




Yummy BBQ! Super juicy and tasty!
Horaaaaay! hahaha!

Moonleaf Tea recently held a Xie Xie Party where they launched their New Tea Flavors, Apple Green Tea, Apple Black Tea, Peach Yakult and Peach Green Tea. I suggest you try these awesome new flavors! :) There was a photo booth, a barbecue station, henna tatto booth and pool games and raffle draws, where you have to complete your 'STUB'! Drum beaters and colorful street dancers highlighted the party. It was fun and definitely a cool way to beat the summer heat. Unfortunately, my brother's henna tatto made a little reaction on his skin that it turned into a wound.  I hope it does got better soon. I told him not to have tatto again for it might have a serious effect next time because he  has a sensitive skin. I also loved their preparedness and concern for their guests. There were Philippine Red Cross Volunteers ready with their medical equipment in case of emergency because it was so hot that afternoon. Good thing we are attending a tea party to fight the heat! :)

Nonetheless, thanks to Moonleaf Tea Shop for the Xie Xie Party! My brother boyfriend and I truly enjoyed everything!  Thanks also to kuyang nakasando for doing his best to make us complete  our stabs and wait for the raffle draw. Well, magaling sya nagconvince! haha! 

We were able to complete 2 stabs only. Luckily, my brother's name got picked during the 2nd draw where the prize is 3 Tickets for Oxygen Show on Philippine Fashion Week. HAHAHA! Shoooot! I was jumping my heart out! hahaha. Look at that big smile on face! LOL! I got too excited that I grabbed the tix from my brother while  posing for a souvenir shot. Really can't believe! I was dying to attend PHFW and finally!  Thank you for the Philippine Fashion Week Invites to OXYGEN SHOW! That was so  unexpected! Just another FEAT I guess. :)

It was all worth it! YEY! See you on May 25 at SMX sweeties! :)

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  1. You look cute! Not much into milk tea, do they have cocoa? :)

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  3. HAHA thanks dear! Same here. haha. Their apple green tea is okay. It doesn't have milk. ♥ I am not sure to be honest but I think they have. haha. Have you tried their best-seller? Wintermelon tea. :)

    1. Hehe. Same here dear. I prefer jamba juice now. haha! Will I see you later at greenhills? :)

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    1. Thanks! I'll be joining your first giveaway! I hope you could follow me via GFC! Thank you! :)


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