Monday, June 4, 2012

Fan Mode: Pretty Little Liars Season 3---2 Days away!

Are you a PLL fan as well? Haha. Well, we're maybe on the same phase now counting the days to the Premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 3!

As far as I can recall, it was in the month of March that we've seen the last episode of PLL Season 2. The episode that was full of suspense and thrill! The nerve wrecking finale showed Mona---Hanna's best friend, as the real "A" and who seemed to have a mental disorder. She was sent in jail but then appeared that everything was planned and was merely a fabrication. Which left me hanging in the air! So when it ended I kindly felt lost. It's as if I've no more reason to use my torrent application. haha! Yes, I download my copies to keep myself updated and compile them per season. 

What is weird is I never became a fan myself of anyone, nor anything! But not until I saw one episode of PLL at ETC! hahaha. FYI girls, this is the only series that I've been addicted to. I guess aside from the story, it's the perfect casting and aesthetic presentation of the film that made me want to fly to US and watch them shoot the show. The suspense versus their love stories not to mention their conflicts with their individual families just produced an amazing series. Even the love teams were perfectly matched that made every episode really something to look forward to! I don't even know who is my favorite love team or my favorite pretty little liar among the four, if you'd ask me. All I know is I love the show and all of its cast! haha.  I hope they'll soon release a Pretty Little Liars Movie! And I am surely the very first person to watch the show! haha.

I just felt sad because when Aria (Lucy Hale), visited here in the Philippines for her Bench Endorsement, I was so far far away. Haaay. Well I am hopeful that soon the four of them will fly here in the Philippines to meet and greet their Filipino fans (my hands raised!). Maybe what even make me prouder watching this series is the fact that Emily (Shay Mitchell), is a half-Filipino. With her features and skin color, she undeniably is. 

BTW, have you watched the Season 3 trailer? Oooh, all I feel is my blood rushing through my veins and my heart jumping out my chest! I am excited. Gawsh. Can you feel it? I really am!!!! hahahaha. Watch it here:

Yes, return of Prettly Little Liars means the COME BACK of "A". Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I can't believe! Time is running so fast! We're only two days away till the premiere! haha. PLL will return on June 5 at 8/7c on ABC Family. 

In my case, I wouldn't visit any page or site that will feature or do a review of the premiere episode on June 5. I will wait for June 6 to arrive and let the torrent app do the thingy. ♥

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