Monday, June 18, 2012

Good morning BACKLOGS x Chock-Full Weekend

Hellooooooooooooooooo my dear sweeties! Argh. I've been so busy (naks!) last weekend. That's why I really missed SunDManOnFeat. If you've noticed, I wasn't able to tweet and blog a lot over the weekend. I wasn't even able to greet your DADDIES a Happy Father's Day! :( BELATED! ♥ I wasn't able to post the posts I need to post. (anu daw?) haha. Geez. I feel guilt-ridden talaga!

 Just to share you why the CHOCK-FULL weekend, well last Saturday was SUPERB. I went to The Next BIG Thing Bazaar to do a little shopping and at the same time to support and vote for Popjunklove na din. Grabe guys, I was able to buy 2 items for Php500 from Cosmopolitan. Familiar? I think they have branches at Powerplant, Trinoma and Greenbelt. And I was so happy to met people I didn't expect to meet there like Ms. Carmel of Purple Groom. :) And yes, I saw the pretty and sweet faces behind Popjunklove, Ms. Maan & Romana Salud! You'll love them as much as you'll love their items! Hope you did support them too!

 After the quickie shopping, I went straight to the MEET & GREET with The Beauty Junkee! Yay! Yiiiiz! I was one of the LUCKY and BLESSED Beauty Junkee Princesses who was chosen by to meet the Beauty Junkee QUEEN. Again, I am grateful to have met new beautiful people and fellow bloggers. And Ms. Shen of Shen's Addiction too! She was the mystery guest for the meet and greet. Grabe, I got nosebleed with the terms and brand names mentioned during the event. haha! But sure thing, I learned a lot. Okay. Enough. I might spill out everything here. hahaha! Different post on this!

After that I went to another meet and greet with my fellow bloggers at Mega Mall. You don't know how accomplished I felt that day although I must admit it was tiring. Still, the terrific experience is irreplaceable!

Then Sunday, Father's Day, my family had a bountiful Father's Day Celebration at Yabu. Thanks to Yabu's Father's Day promo! My two brothers won a Family Feast and Dad & I treats from Yabu. Glad that even though it was a peak season we were still warmly welcomed and accommodate. :) We headed to hear the mass and then... hay sorry, I kept on telling how badly I want to come at MAFBEX but I wasn't able to. Saaaad. Yesterday was the last day. :( I really hate CHANGE OF PLANS. :( 

Instead of going there, I sent out the prizes to the winners na lang for my past giveaways and then watched a movie with Dawn. Have you watched "Rock of Ages" yet? I suggest you do! It's a movie you'll surely love! Again, deets on my upcoming posts. :)

Please keep visiting my blog for I'll be uploading 'em up na this week. I'll post them separately here. :) PROMISE! Reviews, Events, Announcements and GIVEAWAYS are upcoming. So expect more more photos too! Yay! hahaha.☺

Well you know, I realized how one should be really passionate about writing. That despite her busy sched one still manages to gather all the pics she has, compile them and take note of the things she wanna share. You're time-management skills will be stretched and tested talaga here. Swear! hahaha. It takes time yes but it's uplifting and stress-relieving and it's what makes Blogging so addicting! Thank God for a well-off weekend! ☺

Osya, babush muna. And don't forget to keep coming back for more blog feats! Love youuuuuuuuuuu!

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