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Rockwell's Bazaar Search for The Next BIG Thing 2012

Hello there guys! I missed you so much and this blog too! hehe. Just wanna share to you the latest bazaar event that I've been to. I don't know, I just love attending bazaars because aside from the fact that most of the stuffs there are being sold for a cheaper price, it's also where I can find new-to-the-eye brands and unique products. Since I wasn't able to shop at the Superb Bazaar during the Philippine Fashion Week due to my hectic schedule and workloads, I told myself that I cannot miss this one. Well, aside from that, one of my blog sponsors which is PopJunkLove was one of the participants to Rockwell's Bazaar Search for The Rockwell's Bazaar Next BIG Thing 2012. Also one of the reasons that I made sure to visit is to give my support for them. It was like hitting 3 birds with one stone talaga. Finding nice stuffs and new brands, wise-shopping, plus supporting and meeting my blog sponsor.

Check out their lovely booth!

Closer look? Scroll down! 
Should've been PROUDLY PINOY! :)
Colorful Zip & Lego Earrings :)
Look what I found! Scrabble rings! I'm sure you all experienced playing scrabbles with your parents and siblings during your childhood days (with a pocket dictionary at hand to check if there's word as such and validate your opponent's entry! hahaha). I got nostalgic seeing these rings. And I couldn't afford not to have one!
Scrabble Ring (Php100)
Of course I asked for my letter! "S"
Weee! I also got this cute camera necklace only for Php150!

Have worn my scrabble ring to certain events already and all I hear was "Oh, I love your ring!", "Wow, nice ring!", "Aw, cute ring, scrabble!". Same with my necklace! Hahaha. Need I say more why I love peculiar items? It's worth it with the compliments I receive. Priceless! Of course, I keep on telling them that I got  it from Popjunklove!

You know what, I was truly ecstatic to have a real-life look of Popjunklove items. I was amazed with their colorful booth! And even more amazed with their DIY items. When I dropped by, Ms. Maan and Ms. Roma of PJL were actually creating some DIY items at the booth. Well I guess it's really a talent and a gift to have such craft for arts. Patience is really a virtue here!
Sisters In Action!
Aaaw. Wish I also have a sister! :)
Let's get CRAFTY! :)
Have you noticed their necklaces? Ms. Roma is wearing a Fringe Necklace made from Old T-Shirts while Ms. Maan is wearing Gold Twisties! I love them both! hahahaha. 
Thank you Ms. Roma and Maan of Popjunklove! It was nice meeting both of you! :)

Still got few hours left before the Meet and Greet with The Beauty Junkee, I strolled around and here are some of the lovely items/booths I've found!

I tried their Smores and it's actually great! I also love the "Aqua" theme of the booth!
Meet the owner. The 22 year old foodie, Iyay.

And look who I bumped into with! Another blog sponsor! Ms. Carmel Dela Cruz of Purple Groom! I didn't know that she also has this clothing line called, "Mapleberry". Some of her items have been featured to magazines like Meg just this year. Check out here lovely and unique pieces!
Love this! A different take on a leopard print!
Ms. Carmel must be obsessed with Purple! haha.
With the dazzling owner of Purple Groom & Mappleberry,
Ms. Carmel Dela Cruz
Hope to bump into you again Ms. Carmel! Stay nice and sweet! :)

I'm about to leave already when I saw Cosmopolitan Clothing's booth. The sign "Buy 1 Take 1 for 499.99" grabbed my attention. You know what happened next. hahaha!
I got 2 items from them for only P500!

Leopard sheer dress
I don't know why but I notice myself getting hooked with leopard printed staples. So I got this leopard sheer dress above along with my Blue & White Maxi Skirt. :) Check out my upcoming outfit posts! :)

Now, who doesn't love accessories? They actually make or break one's outfit. Still, they add colors and accentuate our everyday styling. I just randomly took photos of these because I was about to rush to Sudio SnR Ortigas by that time.
Cosmopolitan Accessories
Cute earrings hanging on the clothesline
Had fun shopping alone! hahaha.
And I enjoyed meeting new wonderful people too! 
Wish I have more time to explore! Grrr. Next year maybe? :)

Unfortunately, Popjunklove didn't make it this year but we're not losing hope right??? 
Congratulations to all the participants and to the WINNERS!

Show them some love by clicking the highlighted texts! :)

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  1. Hi Sun! :) May I get PopJunkLove's contacts? We'd love to invite them to our company's Eco Bazaar this December. :)

    And also, hope you'll join my Jamba Juice giveaway: :D

    1. Hi dear! You may send your proposal to them via e-mail, Sure I will!!! Thanks for dropping by! BTW, are you coming tomorrow? :)

    2. Your not joining at MOA later? :| Aw. I thought I'll see you there. Ngayon lang ulit ako join dear. Received a text from Khayzie yesterday. :)
      Hope to see you real soon!!!


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