Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SunDMan x Popjunklove Giveaway

Good evening sweeties! Tonight I am launching my second giveaway for the month of june! Yey! Thanks to Ms. Roma of Popjunklove for sponsoring for my blog! 

"POPJUNKLOVE started out as our small business project involving handmade tee-embellishments and shirt-pins. With that, our love of crafting developed and began to take on a life of its own. As a result, the line up of our creations extended to making scrabble pillows, shape monsters and plushies. 

We created this online store to house all of our original, handmade goods and make them available for purchase by the public.While we try to juggle DIY projects with our day jobs, we see to it that every last piece of our creation is a work of craftsmanship and love."

I just couldn't afford to say no to these "valuable" work of arts. Products that are actually "up-cycled" and creatively crafted for a better purpose and greater worth. Wearing these items will make you proud and say, "Hey, I just helped saving our environment with these fab accessories I am wearing!". You know how much I love advocating and campaigning for our mother earth so I am in full support of Popjunklove! I, in fact, feel extra grateful to hold a giveaway for them. :)

To give you some inspiration, check out  these "junk" transformed into one-of-a-kind functional, lovely pieces:


I personally love the camera necklace and the tassel earrings. :)

Wanna have a closer look on their products? Your chance is here! Visit Popjunklove on the Rockwell's Bazaar in search for the NEXT BIG THING on June 15-17, 11AM-10PM at the Rockwell Tent. 

Do not also forget to VOTE for Popjunklove! My vote definitely goes for them! I believe Popjunklove deserves to win among other business participating in the bazaar because of their vision mission!

Now, for the giveaway, 1 LUCKY READER WILL WIN Php1,000 worth of Popjunklove accessories!

Send in your entries through the Rafflecopter App below. Please follow mechanics accordingly and please don't cheat. This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.
..........Wait there's more! 

Tell me if you're coming at the Rockwell's bazaar to visit and vote for Popjunklove and I will give you discount codes up to 20% OFF on PJL products! Ain't that real love? There's no really losers here. Everyone gets a prize by simply confirming your attendance to the bazaar! Comment your Full Name and Email below if you want to get the discount codes! 

Note: Discount codes will only be given to those who will visit at the bazaar and vote for Popjunklove. :)

More about Popjunklove:
Facebook: Popjunklove
Contact number: 0917-859-1794/0917-589-9867

Ready? Set? Vote? Win!

Goodnight & good luck,
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    1. Then join! Keep sharing and tweeting for more chances of winning! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hope so too! Share and tweet everyday!

  3. I want those tassel earrings!

    I also have a give-away going on. You might want to join

  4. Same here! Thanks for joining! Sure! Ill join. :)

  5. kapag ako hnd pa din nanalo hnd na ko sasali! charaught! haha

    1. HAHA! Sabihin mo kay rafflecopter yan! Ako nga din. Gusto ko tong giveaway na to! HAHAHA :)

    2. oy binabalaan ko kau ni rafflecopter! ako dapat manalo jan! haha!

      join my giveaway too! :)

    3. Ako din! haha. ♥ done na po. :)

  6. Just did it! tomorrow again! :)))))) wanna win those stuff for my sister. ;)

    1. Aw! This is so sweet of you! What's your name dear? :)

  7. pag sumali ba ako sure win? ahahaha

  8. Haha! That I cannot tell. Just try your luck love! Go! ♥

  9. Hi Miss SunDMan♥~! I just joined your giveaway~!

    Thanks so much and More Power!!! ^o^

    1. Thank youuuu! You're so sweet! Don't forget to share and tag more of your friends to have more chances of winning. ♥ Good luck sweetie! ♥

  10. Annelsy Rose ManahanJune 8, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    Waaaa . I hope i can win this one :)) <3

    1. Keep sharing annelsy! hahaha. Goodluck! ♥

  11. Joined your giveaway too. =)

  12. love the prizes!!! ^_^ keep calm and blog on !



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