Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quickpost: Random Saturdate Afternoon

After spending the entire morning at home cleaning, bumming, reading, and watching films, I decided to spend my afternoon at the nearest mall near our place which is EDSA Shangri-La Mall. 

It was already around 4pm when I went out, perfect time for me to take a walk to the mall since the sun is quite setting. After paying for our electric bill, I suddenly felt my intestines crawling inside my tummy. haha! I almost forgot that I only had breakfast till that time. 

I thought of having milk tea but then instantly felt of eating in a Japanese Restaurant. I kinda felt the crave of eating something with crab-stick or tempura. 

Options were Kimono Ken, Tokyo Tokyo, Pepper Lunch  and SumoSam. My feet brought me at SumoSam instead and got enticed with their Kani Sizzling Plate which I will be sharing with you on my next SunDManOnYourTummy post. 


After my late lunch, I remembered that Marks & Spencer Philippines' CRUNCH Time Promo is still on-going and you know-what-happened-next. Haha! What did I buy? See my upcoming post. :)

And just when I am about to leave the store, I noticed the photos displayed on the event center of the mall. As a usual pass-byer of the mall, I kinda used to photo/painting exhibits in the said area. Since still feeling bloated from my satisfied craving, I made a quick look on the photos displayed. 

Photos showcased are actually entries from  the Standard Chartered Bank Philippines' Company-Wide Photography Competition. Sharing with you some of the interesting and creative photos from different categories including the best entries and runner-ups in the competition.

Seeing these photos makes me feel proud. They reflect the rich culture traditions and heritage that we Filipinos have. Competitions like this is indeed a constant reminder that patriotism still lies somewhere in the heart of each and every Juan. Filipinos are undeniably gifted with so much talent and creativity. Congratulations to the winners and I hope that more of this kind would be initiated not only in the private sectors. I encourage you guys, especially those who are photo enthusiasts, to drop by to see for yourself and get some inspiration. 

Being overwhelmed with the pieces of arts of our own fellow Filipinos, I got reminded of a book written by a Filipino author that I've been wanting to read since last month. I passed by the National Bookstore on my way home and was lucky to be able to grab one of the last two pieces left in the rack.


Thanks to them for accompanying me home. hahaha! Hmmm, thinking to whom shall I give the other M&S goodies. :) Also, I promise to make my first ever book review once I'm through with the book. 

So this is how I got a Random Saturdate Afternoon with myself. haha! I think it went well because I didn't even notice the time plus, I got to try and discover new things on my own and give myself a little treat. :)

See particulars on my upcoming posts! Stay tuned sweeties! 

How about you? How's your Mid-October Saturday? Rather, when was the last time you had a random date with yourself? :)

(Oh it's Sunday already! 2:00 AM exactly on my laptop. Have a great Sun-date with God and your family!)

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