Monday, October 29, 2012

My Bid to Mochiko Ice Cream Facebook Contest!

Mochiko, the best producer of Creative Japanese Desserts, is actually one of my favorite desserts ever!

Mochiko has so far 15 different flavors to suit your changing mood and satisfy your cravings! 

Now tell me who wouldn't be in love with this colorful and very heavenly mochis? AAAAH! Just merely looking at the photos makes me crave to death!

Last June, I joined Mochiko's facebook contest dubbed as "Mochi Auction". The mechanics goes like this:

"What would you do to be one of the first to try Mochiko's new Oreos & Milk mochis? Join our first ever Mochi Auction!

We're giving away two months worth of Oreos & Milk mochis (10 boxes of 6pcs each) and a nifty Oreo gift pack to one person who gives us the best bid for them by the end of Sunday. We don't want money - we want to know what you would DO to get them! Will you get a Mochiko tattoo? Or maybe get Ian Somerhalder to make a "Call Me Maybe" video with you?

Make a bid in the comments section below! But don't forget - you must actually do what you bid or else you'll forfeit the prize!"

Know what happened next? I was so lucky to be chosen as the WINNER! Well, I think what made me win is that even though my bid isn't as peculiar unlike the other entries, mine is the most feasible one! See my winning bid below!

Now you know what this blog is for! hahaha. As stated on my comment, I feel so giddy and happy being one of the first Mochi Addicts who got to try their Milk Tea & Oreo & Milk Flavor at Yummy Eats 2012 held at the Rockwell Tent last May 26, 2012. Want some proof? Keep scrollin'!

Being an OREO LOVER that I am, one could tell that my face was an indescribable HAPPINESS! haha! It's like I fell in love with Mochiko's Mochis the first time I had a bite of it's soft, luscious and tasteful oreo and milk mochis! Soft that it actually melts in your mouth!

If only I could take them all home, I would! 
Photo taken  last Yummy Eats 2012
Mochiko's Newest Flavor: Milk Tea & OREO & Milk
 I got even more amazed with these GIANT pins! 

And now, as also promised on my bid, here is the first VLOG of mine featuring MOCHIKO with the ever famous Call Me Maybe song! This is my first time to make one so please bear with me! hahaha!

We indeed got drooled and crazy over their Avocado and Oreo and Milk Mochis!
This video was taken at Mochiko Makati: The Collective

By the way, Mochiko Ice Cream is now sure to be found anywhere, everywhere! Last Saturday night, I was surprised to see their stall at Midnight Mercato Night Market. Cool eh? :)

What are you waiting for? Find and visit the Mochiko Store near you and taste for yourself!

Facebook: Mochiko 

Or Call them Maybe? 
Mobile: 0999-884-0624/ 0917-831-0624
Please call or text between 9AM to 6PM only.

BIG thanks to my ever dearest couple friends, Ann Ville Purificacion (the one featured in the video) 
and Maiko Dungo (for taking the video) for making this video possible! 

More importantly, thanks to Mochi for choosing my bid! ♥

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  1. Yes! They have it everywhere now including EDSA Shangri-La! Very accessible! ♥

  2. Dropping by Shangri-La Plaze today to grab my Mochiko! I can tell that it's delicious!

  3. Yes, they are! Enjoy your mochis! :)


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