Monday, April 9, 2012

First blog giveaway feat ..☺

I wasn't active in blogging for the past months until I decided to go back. 

On my comeback this late February, I decided to follow few blogs that I think are sensible and worthy of my time reading until I came across to this blog who was currently having a Yabu KatsuCraze Blog giveaway.  And I think he was the only male blogger I was following during that time. Catch was giving away 500 worth of GC and a Shirt from Yabu. 5 of his readers will win through Meaning, I could only win by chance. Nevertheless, I joined. For the first time. After following all the steps stated on the mechanics, I browsed some of his outfit posts and wonder how he could manage to update his blog everyday. Since my head didn't reply, I went back updating my blog.

Few days have gone and I almost forgot about the contest until when I was browsing my  blog's homepage and saw the post 'CatchG x YabuPH Katsucraze Blog Giveaway Winners'. It got me reminded about the giveaway and clicked the link.

I was surprised to learn that I WON! hahaha. Surprised because I never thought that I could be lucky with raffles. I was even the 2nd among the list! HAHAHA! I was so happy then. :D

I tweeted him about how I could claim the prize. And he's very swift to reply that it'll be a meet up at SM Mega Mall. I was nervous and at the same time excited to meet him. We met on a Saturday morning at Starbucks with the other winner Hezron. I was shy because I was late!  To think that I am just a few walk from mega. HAHA. Sorry! Won't happen again I swear. :) 

I saw his hair. I think it's one of the colors  that requires a lot of confidence to wear. Something white and creamy. HAHA. Eye-catcher? Definitely! I knew it was him already. There was the two of them, Hezron and Catch. Having a coffee, talking. I thought it will be awkward meeting someone who you just knew through internet. But it was the other way around. Catch is very cool and friendly not exactly the one I had in mind. I thought he's snob and stiff because I never saw him smile in his outfit posts. HAHA. Well, I finally saw him smile in person! He definitely knows a lot about fashion and style blogging. He shared and told us some of his adventures as a blogger and some of personal stuffs. He's very generous for giving us tips, some do's and don'ts on being a blogger. Hezron on the other hand was kinda timid and shy then, but I think he's sweet and smart. He's a com-sci student at PLM. We got along easily but had to bid goodbye after almost an hour. :(

Here's me and Catch. I wasn't able to take a photo with Hezron. :(  But you can check this blog post of Catch, "Hezron + Sunshine" for more photos and details. LOL! It was so sweet of Catch to feature us on his blog. I'm flattered. :)

Gorgeous Sunshine with Handsome Catch. LOL!

The Yabu Prize.

Blurry Me with Katsu Craze Shirt. :)

I never thought joining giveaways can be fun like this. Sometimes it's not the prizes at all that make us thrilled but just the thought of winning...and winning a friend is the most priceless gift we can ever get.

I wore the shirt the same day in going to The Off Price Show and in joining the Earth Hour. Excited lang! haha.

Thanks Catch for my first blog giveaway feat. More wisdom and power to you. Stay handsome! HAHAHA! To Hezron, 'til the next giveaway. Hahaha! 'Til we meet again friends! ♥

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Hezron's blog here.

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