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Heatwave Summer Bazaar 2012 x Booth #57

*Still groggy O_O* from KOI's fashion show last night. haha!

But as promised! Here's my adventure at the world trade center with my dearest friend Jamie. Adventure talaga? HAHA.

We both love sales, bazaars, trade fairs and tiangge and whatever you call it. *wink*

We went to the event right after SoFA Open House. It's already the 2nd day of the 3-Day Bazaar. Our entrance tickets was sponsored by Ms. Maris so her store which is Miss Mannequin, Booth 57, was the first we visited.

Tadaaaaa! We went uber crazy with her summer dresses and pants! Perfect summer outfits they are!

 Jamie (My friend, one of my first mini giveaway winner, left), 
Miss Maris Tan (Owner of MM, Center), 
& Yours truly, SunDMan (right)
See how colorful her booth was? Summer na summer! Love it!

 Jamie and I had a very hard time choosing from her collection. From the designs and colors...

Almost half hour had passed and these are what we decided to buy:

Our MM choices!♥
I picked the 3-in-1 summer dress while Jamie chose the chic dress with a ribbon she could use in meeting her clients.

2 of my giveaway winners were spotted at Miss Mannequin's booth! 
[Photo grabbed from MM's page]

Adorable Jamie.
Cutie Maria Ysabel (Left) with her friend

Of course the three of us were privileged of 10% discount on any MM items! Yey!

We then pigged out before going booth to booth. The fragrance of beef shawarma lured us to seat on Enzo's Shawarma booth. haha!  

 Tempting Enzo's Shawarma. Uuuuy!

The best shawarma rice I've tasted so far! As in! So sulit for only Php60. 

Grabe. Will hunt for this! haha.

Fueled up, we took a souvenir photo on our tummy experience at the event. :D
Burp burp! 
We made sure to visit each and every booth. Yeah right. Deadma lang sa wedge! hahaha.
 Don't you know guys that shopping can be healthy as well?
Walking for almost 3 hours is like equivalent to your 1 hour morning jog.
Plus, you tend to focus your attention to other stuffs instead of foods!

The event was sponsored by GMA 7. Little did I know that this event is also for a cause. There was an auction where proceeds will be given to Kapuso Foundation. That day, performer celebrity guests were Barbie Forteza and Jake Vargas while the auction was hosted by Kuya Germs and Gerald.

Host Gerald and Kuya Germs with Jake Vargas

Barbie Forteza singing I love Rock 'N Roll

Some of the booths at the bazaar: 

With Miss Diana Zubiri

 My favorite photo that day. Thanks for Jamie for taking this pic. I had a pimple on the left side of my nose. Nora Aunor lang? lol.

Wearing my favorite Prima Donna Shoes as usual. Top from Juana, Skirt gifted from my boyfie's sister, Bag from Salvatore Mann.

Let me reveal to you the stuffs I shopped at the bazaar. :D

Summer dress from MM, and petty cute accessories I randomly bought. 

See that polka-dotted headband? The ribbon is removable. I'll partner this with my polka dress I had from off price show.
 Check out that McFloat and McFries earrings too! So cuuuuute! I wanna eat them. HAHA! Its made out from clay from ANUANU. :)

I also was finally able to take a glimpse of my pasalubong from my Kuya's and sister-in-law's Bora  and Davao Trip. 

The orange hat's from Bora. The purse and the earrings are from Davao. I requested for the Capiz Earrings since I already lost the one I bought at Davao when we visited there. ☺

Going to bazaars like Heatwave is therapeutic. Because your world will be suddenly filled with colors and fun. The fact that you will also be able to help while enjoying yourself is uplifting and terrific. ♥ 

Now, am I ready to hit the beach? Soooo reaaaady! 
Let's go beat the summer heat sweeties!

Love and Kisses,

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