Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Personal Thingy ♥

We all love receiving personalized gifts or presents because that means that the one who gave it put a little effort to think of something they know has a 'sentimental value' to us.

Oftentimes, people who are very dear to us are the ones who come up with these ideas. It goes the same when we are the ones who think of something to give to our loved ones on a special occasion or just an ordinary day. We make sure to give them something they could use and see everyday and something they could keep for a long time and could touch their hearts.

I wanna share to you guys this personal thingy I recently discover. It is the Personalized Accessories which is being managed and owned by a superwoman Ms. Joan Lee. She is the answer in putting our gift ideas into reality. Can you believe that she's the one who personally make these accessories? Personal indeed!

You can search or do a design on your own, give it to her and she will do it for you and for your special someone! She can also give some help and suggestions for your gift idea. Take note, these items are very pocket-friendly!

Check these amazing items guys!
Personalized Puzzle Necklaces
Perfect for lovers! Reminds me of the pick-up line: "Puzzle ka ba? Binubuo mo kasi ang araw ko e!". haha! Right guys? You can also give a broken heart a try,  give the other half to your crush or your girlfie, and let them fix your heart into whole again! 
So cheesy and sweet that is! hahaha!

You can also shout out 'ILOVEYOU' to your parents, friends or crushies or whatever you want to say through Personalized Standee or Necklaces like these:

My SunDMan Glittered Pink Standee from
Personalized Accessories ♥
Twitter Addict? You gotta have this one! LOL
More Personalized Necklaces HERE.
With Personalized Accessories, you can also get to choose the type of chain for your  necklace! See them HERE.

 Personalized Key Chains
Aside from keys, you can also use this cute chains for your
bag, phone, pen, or anywhere you want!
See more samples of Personalized Chains HERE.

Bowtie, Mustahce, and Star Acrylic Rings for my giveaway!

Necklace from Simply Stunning Collection for my giveaway too!  
These are very trendy accessories you and your friends can have this summer! Be the star of the crowd or  be the apple of the eye of your crushie whether you're in a party, beach, sagala or any event! 

Lots of color variations available!

I personally love those glittered and mirror colors because for me they're eye-catching. :)
 Click HERE for a closer look on each color.

Still in doubt? 

Here's the GOOD NEWS guys! SunDMan is soooo lucky and blessed to be sponsored by Personalized Accessories on her FIRST MAJOR #PAGIVEAWAY! ♥

Have a chance to score Acrylic Rings and a Simply Stunning Necklace only here! Worth of Php700 PA Items await you all for the month of May!

Visit and like my facebook page HERE for further announcements and details!
Exactly 1 week to go before the most awaited SunDMan x #PAGiveaway!

What are you waiting for? Let the countdown begins!

For orders, inquiries and on-going giveaways:
Twitter: @ItsPAOfficial 
Contact Numbers: +69175404393/ +639223816846
E-mail: personalizedkeychains@gmailcom or PM Directly on their FB Page

Love love,

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