Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Plump Pinay + The KOI Show

I've been wanting to see The Plump Pinays, Danah and Stacy Gutierrez. 
I just learned about them last month I think? They in fact, inspired me to bring my
 old self back and throw away those big fat insecurities. I think it's their blog's description that turned back that flaring confidence in me. 

That is why when I learned that The Plump Pinay is one of the Style Icon Designers 
of the Latest Summer Collection of KOI Swimwear, I already knew I was coming at the Summer Fashion Show. 

KOI is a swimwear clothing online store where you can find swim suite that never goes 
out of style. They offer quality and noteworthy garments where you can proudly flaunt
 your skin and body with. This swimwear brand offers different sizes for women of 
different personalities! From petite to a plump like me. From minimal to lavish.
 And that made me love KOI even more!

Thanks to Manila Shopper for the free invite at the KOI Show! Luckily, a friend got an invite too so I have no more reason to back out. Alas! 

Even though I am feeling no good because of LBM (eewwwy! lol) and the headache 
caused of the high pressure, I went there all the way from Bulacan.

I was so determined to meet and talk and grab a photo with them that night (because I won't make it on the meet and greet the next day that will sadly fall during my office hours) and of course to witness KOI Swimwear's latest collections...

And so it happened! My heart jumped sky high when I saw that flaring red hair lady looking at the mirror as I was retouching on the same glass she was also looking at. It was Stacy! Can you believe she was the first person I saw at the event? HAHAHA. My lucky night I guess!
We have a witness right there. The floor map! Lol
HOMAYGASH! Stacy is soooo gorgeous and very pretty and very kind! A hottie plumpie! Sadly, I didn't make it with Danah. :(

My night was complete! Actually, I could go home already after having a photo with Stacy. LOL. Of course I can't afford miss the designs of the top fashion and style bloggers 
Tricia Goisingtian, Patricia Prieto and the twins The Plump Pinay.

KOI launched their very first Style Icon Line along with their SWIM and LUXE collection.

The Plump Pinay or shall I say, The Proud Plump Pinay Style?
The Twins with their curvy and alluring models. :)
Their designs are named: Adrianah, Anastazcia, Plumpinup and Viderlina.
Love that "plumpinup"! Very bright! haha. These designs are said to be perfect for 
REAL WOMEN like me. Can fit a plump up to XXXL size.

Grabeeeh! The crowd went wild when the models gave up a booty shake! 

Here's Patricia Prieto's (I would describe as) fierce and futuristic designs:
I felt like she was kinda shy to walk on the ramp which made her
look adorable and sweet.
Those fierce pieces are called Normandi & Paradigma. If you're the MODERN and EDGY
type, you gotta include these up in your summer essentials. :) 

Of course, the last but not the least, the anthology of Tricia Gosingtian!
These pieces are undeniably her, namely Lolita and Slumberdoll
DAINTY? VINTAGE? You found the right slices for you!

I love all of their designs! Each was tastefully and creatively fabricated. 

After the show, I was lucky to grab a photo with Tricia too!
With the cutest doll-like fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian.
My friend Jamie, Me and new found friend Ann. ♥

Here's a closer look on what I wore for the show themed Summer Glam. :)

You think I made it? LOL!

What a sizzling night that was! Gladly, my tummy behaved really well that night. hahaha!
 I hope to see all of them again...while wearing one of those trendy and cute swimsuit. Saaaabeeeeh? hahaha. Thanks to Miss Mannequin for my wonderful summer dress and to my sweetie Jamie for the shots. ♥

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