Sunday, May 27, 2012

WINNERS of SunDMan x Personalized Accessories First Major Blog #PAgiveaway!

Yaaaaay! Time flies real fast! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I launched my first ever blog giveaway! THANK YOU Ms. Joan Lee of Personalized Accessories for sponsoring this first giveaway. THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for joining my humble giveaway, it will not be successful without your support and love! I am so overwhelmed with the 270+ entries this giveaway has garnered. Well, I do understand why because the customized items from Personalized Accessories are truly must-have! I am deeply grateful! To my family, friends, readers, and to you sweeties, I love you all! It was a blast! Clap! clap!

I know you are excited to know who the winners are as much as I do so here they are! Please take note that every share and tweet has been verified by yours truly to make sure that everything's fair and square. To those who didn't make it, please don't lose hope...more more giveaways will be launched here at sundmanonfeat. Also, keep checking Personalized Accesories page because Ms. Joan Lee's continuously holding giveaways for her fans! So please always visit my blog and PA's facebook page. :) OK. Enough. Here are the winners!



Congratulations girls!!! I so envy you! :)


Thanks to I don't have to personally choose the winners! To all the winners, CONGRATULATIONS! I will be sending you an e-mail for the prizes. Thank you so much sweeties! Mwaaaah!

Oh by the way, Personalized Accessories will soon be having it's own website for easy purchasing! So better watch out for that. For the mean time, you can follow/visit PA's blog at or follow and like Personalized Accesories on twitter and facebook and show some looooove! :)

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  1. Owwmayygadd . I won ! :) Thanks SunDMan and also Personalized Accessories ! :) GodBless ..

  2. Yes you did darling! Join my other giveaways ha! Congratulations!

  3. Replies
    1. Aw. If only I can make you all win! Don't worry, keep joining my giveaways. There's always next time dear. :(

      Thank you for joining! Have you join my other giveaway?♥


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