Sunday, May 27, 2012

WINNER of SunDMan x Eazy Fashion Mid-Summer Eazy Giveaway

I would like to extend my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to all of you who joined my Mid-Summer Eazy Fashion Giveaway sponsored by Eazy Fashion! It means a lot to me! :)

BIG THANKS to Eazy Fashion for doing this collaboration with me! 

Sorry to be announcing this late. I quite had a hard time putting all the entries together because I have to secure that ALL entries including the additional ones are included in the list. Also, I have to double check if the WINNER picked by Mr. Random is qualified. Sorry guys, I am really mabusisi. hehe. So here's the 1 LUCKY Reader who won a Set of & 7 Emily Brushes and Flattering Butterfly Dangle Earrings!

To Ricalyn, I'll be getting your details thru facebook message so that Eazy Fashion can get your details to send you the prize. Please reply to me as soon as possible. Again, congratulations to you! I wish I'm in your shoes! So love those Emily Brushes! Grrr! 

Keep visitng Eazy Fashion's facebook page and website to keep updated on their latest wonderful collections, promos, discounts and even blog sponsorships!

To all my sweeties, I appreciate all your efforts! Currently, I am the leading on Meg's Dare to be different challenge! It's all because of you! Thank you for following the additional mechanics! 

You know what guys? So far I am enjoying holding giveaways. That's why I'm planning to hold my very own giveaway...hmmm...soonest! What do you think is the best prize to give? Accessories? Clothes? Shoes? GCs? Cosmetics? What? I'd love to hear your suggestions! It will help me decide easily! hehe. :)

For the mean time, I still have one more on-going giveaway, the prize might get you interested to join. hehe. Please follow the link here: SunDMan x Needle Trade Shop Summer Finale Giveaway!

Again, thank you for showering SunDMan with your love and support! 

Goodnight kisses,


  1. On your own giveaway, I want clothes and bags :)

    1. Thanks for the idea dear. I'll take note of that!


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