Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's been a year!

I can't believe it's been exactly one year since I first entered the newly established and furnished building of the City Government of Valenzuela. Today is my work anniversary! [if there's such] I don't in fact, celebrate anniversaries for I hate looking after dates. Even my boyfriend and I do not have one. I don't know actually why I am writing this post. haha! 

I've been working as an online coordinator and PR specialist under the City's Public Information Office for a year now. Until today, my job remains a challenge for me. I guess dealing with people from different walks of life  is one if not the most challenging job you can ever have. Some people have been very helpful while some remains to be a pain in my *ss. Nevertheless, I make sure to learn something with every task and cases that is being given to me. I appreciate and treasure all the experiences I had with my team for 1 year now. I learned to love my job and I must say that I am enjoying my work more this past few weeks despite having you know, some doubts and second thoughts if I should continue being a government employee for one more year due to some other 'factors'.

I won't lie that I stopped looking for other career and opportunities in private sector. I still do. I believe it will come to me on the right time, in HIS time. GOD maybe has something to teach me while I am still here. Yes, I strongly believe that we are where we are today because of a certain purpose. As of now, I will make the most of what I have by discovering and learning new things that will soon be beneficial to me. :)

BTW, I arrived very very early in my office today despite the fact that I slept at around 2AM. haha! I think I'm gonna take a super power nap before the clock ticks 8 o'clock! HAHA! 
Later I'll be launching another blog giveaway so watch out! 

My, time flies really really fast! Happy Workversary to me! Cheers to bottomless hopes and dreams!

Sleepy hug,
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