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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2012

While most of you guys are getting gaga over Lady Gaga's Concert happening tonight at MOA, here I am feeling 'gaga' with the most coveted Fashion Event in the country which is kicking off tomorrow, May 22! 

Marking its 15th year, the show continues to reveal the latest and hottest season trend together with the topmost clothing brands in the country starting from May 22 to 27 at the SMX Convention Center and Mall of Asia.

This year will only be my first time to attend a high-ranking fashion show where I know I am going to bump-elbows with my fellow fashion junkies and bloggers, meet fashion experts supermodels and notable designers. I am thrilled! I feel like I am officially starting to get into the limelight. LOL. Wake me up please! haha. On a serious note, I never had a single thought that I'll be interested to attend this kind of shindig.

Aside from my desire to witness the grandiose season collection of my ever favorite brand Oxygen, I am crossing my fingers as well to see Tina Herrera! I know how busy she'd been these past few weeks specially this week for the preparation of the event. Yes, she's one of the BIG NAMES behind the success of the Philippine Fashion Week! Wishing to see her and have a chance to at least take a photo with her! Am I being too ambitious? No, I guess I am just dreaming awake. HAHA. I actually had the guts to tweet her that I wanna meet her and to my surprise, she replied to my tweet and even rt-ed me! I think I just lost myself at that. haha! Thanks to twitter, my style icons are just a tweet away! So glad she noticed me! She must be sweet aside from being the ultimate epitome of beauty! 

Let's see if I can grab a photo with her, ayt?! Pray for me please? :)

BTW, check out the week-long calendar of shows here: 

Click photo for a clearer view
or click HERE to also see the schedule including the direction on how to get to the venue or to download a PDF File Copy of the time table of the shows.

So which among those dates are you coming? How many invites were you able to get?

If you're a big fan of Oxygen Clothing like me, you know well the mechanics on how to score invites to their show. 
Sadly, Php1499 is too much for me. Plus, I don't really see and feel the need to buy a suit in exchange of the invites. But you can try this one out if you're that eager to watch the Oxygen Show. This is until May 24, one day before their show. :)

In my case, good thing is that my brother won 3 tickets to the Oxygen during the Moonleaf Xie Xie Party! Prior to that, I also got an e-invite to the designers' launch which will be held on the same day with Oxygen. What a coincidence right? :)

Furthermore, I just learned today that Allison Harvard and Dominique Reighard of America's Next Top Model will be arriving in Manila to represent Bench on May 22! Allison, the doll-like creepy girl who loves seeing bleeding noses! haha. I clearly understand why everyone's looking after each designer and brand to get exclusive passes! You can't blame us can you? LOL!

Unica Hija will also mark its debut on the last day of the Philippine Fashion Week on May 27 featuring the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and Filipina Ford Supermodels, Charo Ronquillo and Danica Magpantay.
I actually don't have any idea on what to wear for this event until (luckily) I found some very helpful answers and tips through Ms. Biance Valerio's article on CosmoPH website, entitled "Twitter Question: What Should I Wear to Philippine Fashion Week?". I got all what I need! If you're a first timer like me, check it out so that you'll know what to prepare and what to highlight for the event (depending on the show you're going to watch). And in case you need more, you can tweet your queries to Bianca Valerio through @Biance_Valerio! One thing is for sure dearies, I'll be sharing with you whatever 'postura' I can come up with for the event. :)

See me at the Oxygen Show this coming Friday, May 25! I am coming with of course, my brother and my ever dearest photographer friend, Robie. I'll be watching only once for the entire week. Friday is I guess the day made for me since all my invites were scheduled on that day.  I guess it's the perfect day to join PHFW to outset the weekend too.  The 3 tickets were too much of what I've asked for since I will be able to bring two of my sweeties so I don't bother to win and get passes for other shows anymore. hehehe. I am so pressured, nervous yet excited at the same time! See you there sweeties! Let's all have fun!

Visit to see the participating designers, holiday 2012 brands and sponsors for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. Follow @PhFashionWeek and like Philippine Fashion Week for more updates and invite giveaways of your favorite clothing brands!

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