Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dress(ed) Up!

Just dropping by for a quick post!Here is what I wore last Sunday when we visited Browhaus Manila to try out their services and have a quick tour inside their brow salon. 

I wore a chiffon dress. Still can't believe I am wearing girly clothes for the past few days! 
Inside the Browhaus Manila 
located at the 4th Floor of Greenbelt 5
The salon is like a haven with its consoling and serene ambiance...
The facade
We had an ultimate Brow WOW experience at Browhaus! I will be posting the story and photos soon! So stay tuned!

We took our lunch at Wendy's at the ground level of GB5 and had BTIC for dessert, 
headed to Glorietta to attend the 3-4PM mass went to SM North to visit Kanebo Philippines' Booth. Unfortunately, Ms. Yannie of Kanebo left by the time we arrived. So we decided to pig out (again) for dinner at Max's Restaurant and did a little shopping. How spontaneous! hahahaha!

Another photo inside SM North's Department Store where Dawn bought a pair of shoes and a pair of BNY Jeans for me! haha! He hates seeing me wearing skirts and mini dresses! (nakakaumay daw) LOL!
Me and my awkward face :|
Pwede na bang model ng M&S? HAHAHA! BTW, inside the M&S bag is my favorite ever, Digestive Biscuits! ♥
Eto pa!  Last pose please!
 Wink! ;)

I guess I just have to get used to wearing outfits like this and embrace the lovely 
changes I am noticing with myself lately. I am enjoying it so far  and I hope you 
guys too enjoy reading my blog. So what do you think sweeties?
YAY or NAY? :)

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  1. HAHA! I love them too! I bought this at Shoe Gallery at SM Valenzuela, I think this is a Marikina Brand. Very comfortable to wear! Thanks michy!!! :)


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