Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playpool + Giveaways :)

Hola! How's your weekend so far guys? I hope you're all having a blast. My brother and I has just finished play-pooling! hahaha. I can't believe I let my brother ruin my plans for today! naaaay! I'm supposed  to be in Bulacan now...probably doing the same thing, making a blog post but with a different title at that. Geeez. So here I am now staying in Mandaluyong until tomorrow morning. Well anyway, I had fun swimming, it is definitely a stress-reliever for me. Also a good way to fight off the heat while relaxing a bit and do some contemplation on...hmmm...let me keep it with myself for the mean time and burning some fats I just had from the Yummy Eats. Hahaha! Yes, I think I tasted almost everything! Will share to you more of my Yummy Experience tomorrow. Gawsh, got so many backloooogs! Geeez. 

So refreshed! The water pool's so cold!
hahaha sorry guys! I wanna insert photos sana but i can't yet since the photos are in my phone...I'll update the photos when I get back in Bulacan because my reader is there.

My baby brother's killer smile and abs! LOL
By the way guys, have you joined my giveaways yet? 2 of them will be ending tonight [supposed to be yesterday but I love you so much guys that I wanna give you another day to win join and share for more chances of winning] while the other one's ending on June 1. Tomorrow, I'll be announcing 4 winners, 3 from my First Major Blog Giveaway and 1 from my Mid-summer Eazy Giveaway. So I suggest you guys join now! Hurry! :) This is your last chance to win those trendy and fashionable accessories! Check them out here:

SunDMan x Eazy Fashion Mid-Summer Eazy Giveaway
SunDMan x Personalized Accessories First MAJOR Blog #PAgiveaway

For the giveaway that is ending 1 more week from now, see the amazing prizes and mechanics here: SunDMan x Needle Trade Shop Summer Finale Giveaway

Thanks to my dearest sponsors, Eazy FashionPersonalized Accessories, and Needle Trade Shop for making these giveaways possible. Of course thank you my sweeties by making them all successful! :)

Join up to the last minute! Good luck! Let's all cross our fingers tomorrow! Meanwhile, I'll be having dinner with my sweet baby brother. :)

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