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Feature: Satisfy your Hunger for FASHION with Sol Accessories

I would like to introduce you another lovely and awesome online accessories shop you can ever find!

Click PHOTO direct on their page. :)
You think the inspiration behind their logo is my name? haha. I love it! 

I was so excited to receive this package the other week because I knew how lovely their products are. 
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Sol Accessories is an online accessories shop that caters unique, stylish, and fresh hand-made accessories. If I were to describe their products, the words LOUD, VIBRANT, FLAMBOYANT, MEDLEY, and WHOPPING are only some of the perfect words.

When I finally opened the package and saw the items for real, my impression was WOOOOOAAAW! As in! haha. Sol Accessories are kind enough to let me have 2 choices of my own from their Bazaar Collection. Believe it or not it took me almost 2 hours before I finally had my pick because they have a wide selection of designs and colors. See what I got guys! Weeeeee!

Purple SOFIA (Php375)
The sparkling stones details made Sofia a statement piece that the name matched it perfectly. The purple & white color combination  put up a sophisticated and classy look. I was like jaw-dropped when I saw this. Swear! In fact, I wore this already just this weekend at the meet & greet with Ms. Martha Sta. Barbara. haha! I think it's also best to wear on a party or a dinner date. You can just actually wear a plain single colored dress (much better if it's white, creme, black or pink) and match it with the Sofia Necklace for a finishing modish & classy touch. (just my idea :)) And you're ready to go. Draw the eyes of the crowd with this ELEGANT FIRECRACKER necklace! Sharing my outfit post featuring this lovely SOFIA necklace on my upcoming posts. :)

Orange Evita (Php325)
Meet Evita---another splendid item! I chose this one because of its austere look. The indefinite shape of the gems added some quirky element to it. If you're the subtle, sweet but corporate type of girl, I suggest you opt for this one. Perfect for formal gatherings and business meetings. In my case, I'm planning to wear this to one of my future events this month of June. :)

I am truly overjoyed with my choices for the reason that it even surpass all of my expectations. I thought it will feel heavy because of the gems/stones and big chains. But surprisingly, it didn't. The chains were made so light and it feels so comfortable on the neck. I'm not sure but I think it's made of metal plastic.

As what I've said, I was asked to choose only 2 pieces. I told them that I'll have 1 item for my review and 1 item for a giveaway. Can you imagine my reaction when I saw three pieces of wonderful necklaces in the packet?  I was so so touched and I was only able to murmur the word "Aaaaaaawwww". I didn't expect this from them really since they didn't even tell me that they shipped 3 items. Yes, they added one more of their most lovely items.
Pink-On-Yellow Adriana (Php200).
I wanna eat it with it's neon color! hahaha! Looks like I'm cooking up another giveaway eh? Stay tuned because I am giving this braided ADRIANA Necklace to one lucky feater! Yay! I'll include One Surprise Item for the prize. Something really cute I bought  from Forever 21. How's that sweeties? :) That's how I love you sweeties. ♥ Giving back is very important to me because it is through my readers that I find my inspiration to share more of my stories. Yikes! Cheesiness! haha.

What I love and admire about their items aside from it's affordable price is their transparency. Sol Accessories isn't like other shops that posts pictures of the items that were only grabbed somewhere in the web. With Sol Accessories, what you SEE is what you GET.

Sharing more of the diversified collections of Sol Accessories!
Check out their Vibrant and Loud statement Braided Bracelets HERE
You have so many colors to choose from!
Photo grabbed from Sol Accessories
So what's your color? I love them all! hahahaha!

Itching to grab some stylish accessories but currently on a tight budget? No worries sweetie! Click HERE to see their ON SALE items! Feel free to place your order HERE. Grab-all-you-can for these items are only limited. Don't forget to share the love to your friends! Last thing, ENJOY! :)

Satisfy your HUNGER for FASHION only with SOL ACCESSORIES!
Again, my earnest gratitude to SOL ACCESSORIES. Cheers! 
Stay tuned for SunDMan x Sol Accessories giveaway
Click photo to direct on their page :)
More about Sol Accessories:
Facebook: Sol Accessories
Twitter: @SolAccessories
Contact Number/s: 0915450223 / 09177044451

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