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Photo Diary: My first Yummy trEATS!

Yay! Second photo diary so far. I guess you'll be seeing more photo diaries on my blog. haha! Events that are worth taking and sharing lots of photos! Just like Yummy Eats 2012  that was held  last May 26, at the Rockwell Tent, where Dawn and I attended for the first time. 

I can recall my office mate sharing the Yummy Eats 2012 Ad from Yummy Magazine's facebook page last April on my facebook wall since he knows how I love foods & eating. That was so sweet and who am I to say no to the simple yet very enticing Yummy Eats Ad? Since I have already started my SunDManOnYouTummy blog (my food blog) by that time, I knew that going to eating and cooking affair like Yummy will help me explore and learn about the world of gastronomy. I even blogged about this event on SunDManOnYourTummy (feel free to drop by, hehe). I was real excited that when the calendar hit the month of May, I immediately bought my copy of Yummy Magazine May 2012 Issue at SM Center Valenzuela because when you grab a copy of their May Ish, you can save Php50 on the entrance fee which is Php150 so you just have to pay Php100. haha. #ExcitedMe!

Believe to expect the unexpected. We got in the affair without squeezing out any penny from our pocket! Yes, a day before the event, if I am not mistaken, I checked my mail inbox and saw a message that I won 2 tickets to Yummy Eats 2012! Hahahaha! Again, one of the blog giveaways I randomly joined just to try my luck. I was so surprised! haha. God is really amazing!

Okay, enough of the giddiness, haha, so me and Dawn were one of the early birds at the event. 
Our passes to the world of YUMMY trEATS! 
We were one of the early birds who put a shoutout on the Yummy Dedication Wall. 

Dawn's blurred dedication. haha!

The Co-Presenter

Major Sponsors:
With Papa Xian Lim :p
Thanks McCormick for the Mom's Menu Pad!
Now, here were some of the concessionaires participated in Yummy Eats! There were a lot I swear! Good thing everything is included in our booklet even the directory and the map. :p Common, famonos!

Serenitea and J.Co Philippines were the first two booths you will see upon entering the tent. Most of the booths there introduced what's "new" in their menu that will be released in market eventually. Serenitea offered everyone a free taste of their new tea flavors (which I forgot to ask) while J. Co shared their Almond and Green Tea flavored donuts. Yes, even donut wasn't able to defy the green tea mania! haha. 
They were all good! *grin*

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
Introducing Oreo & Milk Mochi from Mochiko!
Will be available in stores by June 15. 
We were asked to choose 2 pins from their collection. I wanna take home the big ones! haha 

Loved their King belgian Choco Cookie and Salted Caramel Pican!

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
Tasted their flavorsome Bluecheese Praline & Aztec Truffle with a kick!
Love this idea of collecting their wrappers!
Put the wrapper in the box and tell them how you feel about their products! 
*SunDMan's Top Pick*
For  the best of all the pastries! Take it from me guys, I did not resist taking home their heavenly Ultimate Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie! Php45/pc---worth it!

Was also able to sample their Red Velvet Cake. ♥

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
The luscious and sophisticated Pinkerton Ice Cream by Alexandra Roche

The beautiful and sweet lady behind Pinkerton Ice Cream,
Ms. Alexandra Roche
I'm sorry but I cannot recall the name of this yummy and colorful 
mini cupcakes. If you happen to know guys, please tell me. :)
Delish mini cupcakes from Cupcake Boutique!

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
The smooth & creamy Pint Ice Cream
We had a spoonful of their signature flavors, Lindt Dark Choco & Banoffee Pie

Kristina's Inutak Premium
Creamy-melty delicacy!

Carlo's Kitchen's Crunchy Pork Belly!

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
Simply delicious home-made custard pies! I love the Spinach Feta & Sundried Tomato 
& Crabstick & Laing flavors!
Click photo to enlarge ♥

The Fruit Grarden's Luxury Jams

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
Perfect! The dip is awesomazingly unforgettable!

*SunDMan's Top Pick*
More of this please! A different take on how fries should taste!
 What a very witty & unique brand name. Check out their very humorous menu! 
It had me at "Virgin Chips" & "Hit the G-Spot"! hahaha. (naughty me!)

We're almost through with our stamps!

Such a very long post already! *peace*
Now here are other random photos from the fair! 

 Lemonade refresher for FREE! 
Kuya is so sweet and cute
offering everyone their neon-colored mini cupcakes!
More more more photos! Last batch promise! haha 

As you can see, there's a 3 layered cake on the stage. 
YUMMY is also celebrating it's 5th year this year! Yey!
With the event host, Issa Litton

Yummy Eats received so much love from the people who participated! Yay! 
Got through with everything in just a span of 2 hours! :p
Thanks to Stonibert Lim of The Food Alphabet (check this wonderful blog) for the 2 tickets! 
We had so much fun!♥

Also to Yummy for this wonderful annual event! Congrats! It was a success! Cheers!
And to my lovie, Dawn, who went straight at the venue from his work. ♥
We were so stuffed that we decided not to have lunch anymore...burp! burp! burp! :D

Trying something new and different is always delightful and love. It was a great and enriching  experience to take part in the most coveted food and cooking affair of the year. I was happy to learn  and meet sorts of  peculiar, "underrated" products. I am inspired to pursue my food blog. I'll try to have a closer look and intimate tummy experience with each one of you soon! Nice meeting ya'll! 

Finale: Couple Shot!
Yey! Finally done! haha. How was your Yummy Eats adventure? Feel free to share! :)

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Yummy Loves,
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  1. Felt hungry while reading your blog!! :)

    1. HAHA! Thank thank you for dropping by my humble blog and for the follow sweetie! Will visit your blog too! ♥

  2. I should try going to food bazaars too. hahaha! :)

    1. You should! haha. :)It was a fun experience at the same time stuffing! I think there will be a food show on June 13-15? or 15-17? not sure. Mafbex event at world trade. You might want to drop by but I am not sure to come. hehe. Miss you michymichy! :)

  3. haha! dapat pupunta din ako dito kya lang sa MEG ako napadpad. kagutooom! :))

    1. Dapat nagpunta ka para nabusog ka! hehe. :) Ako naman dapat pupunta sa MEG after this, kaso I have no white shirt. haha. BTW, there was also MEGA style crew event that time sa EDSA Shang, nadaanan ko lang. hehe. ♥ thanks james!

  4. Thank you for including Jettee's Kitchen as one of your Top Picks during Yummy Eats 2012! <3 Hope to meet you in person soon :) More power to your blog!

    Will "share" your post in our FB fan page <3

    1. That was fast! Sure sure! We've met already! hahaha. I understand because lots of people flocked on your booth! Don't be surprised if I purchase more of those one of these days!

      More power to your Divine pastries! Thanks for dropping by! :)


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