Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Beyond the Blush Beauty Blowout", Maven Magazine's Anniversary Treat!

I have so many backlogs honestly, but I realized that it's better to blog while you're still into an event or something that just happened to you. You know, while you still have a "hang over" of it. So starting to this point I'm giving myself at least the same day or a day or two as the deadline for my blog posts. I guess that way, I'll be able to deliver everything on a fresh and organized note. I promise to trim down my 13 "draft posts" on the coming days. :)))

By the way, I spent another Satur-date with a very dear friend of mine, Barbie. She invited me to attend Maven Magazine's "Beyond the Blush Beauty Blowout", the magazine's anniversary treat to every working girl, soon to be yuppies or even mothers out there. Barbie treated me to this event so I really cannot thank her enough because it was such a wonderful event filled with so much fun & learning! Here are what we actually had at the event held at TriNoma earlier:

Even though I am no more a fresh grad, the string of workshops which include tips and the know-hows on personality and work ethics development will surely be a big help in the near future especially when time comes that I need to change career path.

I don't have a camera with me so it was Barbie who took a lot of photos. Unfortunately, her memory card seems not to be so cooperative but I hope it still works so I can grab more photos. :) For the mean time, here are some of the photos from the event captured by my chic Alcatel phone:
Angel Locsin on Maven's Anniversary Issue
The host
Ms. Karen of Globe Image Management Inc.,
Mr. Immanuel of
A talk on skin care sponsored by Nivea

  "M" for Maven Magazine. By the way, Maven is a new word to me so I googled it and found out that it means someone who is skilled, well-experienced or knowledgeable. Which I guess it true to the content of their magazine. I've read the anniversary issue and learned new things especially on relationship. My favorite feautre in this mag is the "Ask Ms. C". I don't know, maybe because this is what I need most right now? I need to ask Ms. C to find answers to questions about my current relationship, or rather, past relationship. Ms. C's answers to the questions are very realistic and very helpful. I'm planning to try sending in some questions for this portion. And I am hopeful to find some answers there too. :)

SunDMan and Barbie with our loot bags! Oh, another amazing fact from the event is that we just had to purchase Maven's June-July Issue for only Php100 to enter the event. Would you believe that the loot we are holding down there is worth Php500! Not to mention the workshops from Globe Image Managment Inc.,, Benefit Salon, Nivea, Suesh, CCMA, and Blowout Bar Manila, and our cupcake Sweet Patti Cakes and wine from Manny O Wines. 

See what's inside the loot bag!

I'm sorry but I am not really knowledgeable about make up tools. Can you please tell me what's the use of this cute thingy from Suesh? :))

Look! I also took home another loot from Barbie. She's just too sweet! She gave me this Serendipitea loot she got from the event she attended prior to the Maven Magazine's. Thank you Barbie! :))

Thanks to the sweetest couple Barbie and Mico for keeping me company and for saving me from boredom! hahaha. See you soon again guys! I enjoyed being with you! :)

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