Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Date at Red Mango w/ 2K

Yey! I won in this another blog giveaway courtesy of Red Mango thru Krissy's blog, I joined because I haven't tried RM yet and because it's a date! Meaning, I will get to see 2 of my IDOL Bloggers at a time!
The Red Mango Date Giveaway was simultaneously held through Krissy's & Kira's blog. 2K as in Krissy and  Kira! hahahaha. I in fact joined both. Luckily, I won through Krissy's blog. hahahaha! The date was at the Red Mango TriNoma branch last July 7, Saturday. 
Krissy ordered for us. So sweet!
Lemon Swirl Froyo for Krissy, Crunchy Lemon Craze for Svetlani and Choco Lava Crunch for Lemuel & I!
I chose Choco Lava Crunch Yogurt, a combination of choco syrup, nuts, and 
cheesecake! Just can't say no to anything w/ cheesecake! hahaha.

We were also treated to Banana-Almond Waffle by Krissy!
I'm not into waffles but I can tell that it has a distinct taste among other waffles I've tasted.

Krissy and her winners: ME, Lemuel & Svetlani!

Kira with her winners Mizi and Mommy Jaja with her super cute kiddo!

With Kira's Red Mango Date giveaway winners:

Just a little trivia, Mizi, the girl wearing stipend on the right side had also won one of my giveaways [I think it's the SunDMan x Needle Trade Shop Giveaway] while Mommy Jaja, is also one of my lovely readers and has joined some of my giveaways too! It was nice to meet them in person!
 I got this cute beaded-bracelet from Mommy Jaja! She personally made it! So sweet and touching! :) 

I brought a box of black bottom cupcakes from Silvanas that was tasted by everyone.
Even Kira, who doesn't love eating chocolates. hihi! Had I knew then, I should've brought the red velvet flavored instead. 

Just our luck! A group of amazing top bloggers dropped by at Red Mango! Saw Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonzales, Paul the PR Guy, and Dani Barretto! 

Aside from the Red Mango Date, each of the winners took home loots from Krissy & Kira too!  
Look what I got!
Jansport Notepad, Bioessence Tumbler, Lorys Cream
500 worth of GC from Meg Clothing
And a sweet note! :D
Yes Krissy! I enjoyed everything! The yogurt, the conversation, the photo opts, and most of all, the new friends! :) Thank you for this opportunity! I hope to see you all again guys SOON! 
With the 2K!
I can tell that aside from being both amazingly gorgeous in person, these two are also smart but humble. I just noticed Kira who has this endearment to Krissy which is "Dude". I heard her call Krissy Dude for so many times! hahaha. While I felt an optimistic and a happy Krissy's never-ending stories and laughter. :)
I learned and enjoyed a lot from this satur-date-slash-meet & greet-slash-giveaway feat I had. I am even more inspired to keep blogging. Thanks to these two wonderful bloggers!

Timely as it may seem, but that was what I need most that time. Friends or should I call them Angels? :)

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  1. I love Red Mango too! :) Just found out that I still have GCs given to me by my friend. :) I should use it soon! :)

    1. Sama mo ko! hahahaha! :) Miss na talaga kita michy! :)))

  2. i love this! thank you!!! it's so nice to meet you. this "date" has the same effect on me- it inspired me to blog more. kahit im just blogging for myself

  3. Nice to meet you, Sunshine! Hope to hang out with you again soon :)


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