Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friday the 13th

Suuuuuper late post! hahaha. 

Well anyway, I had a FUNtastic Friday the 13th as opposed to the belief that this day brings bad luck to people. In every rule there's an exemption and that's me. LOL.

*Friday morning I made the announcement of winners for my first mini giveaway made possible thru Miss Mannequin to the Heatwave Summer Bazaar. :)

*Friday morning I shared a status saying 'I am soooo P.G. (Puro Gastos) HAHA'. How true! HAHAHA.

*Friday evening I went to SM Center Valenzuela to treat myself and made a little shopping because it was pay day! It was also SALE at the mall so I was able to grab cute items for low costs! I bought some clothes to fill in my closet (well it's already jam-packed) haha, like 2 blazers for Php150.oo each, a dress for only Php250.oo and a blouse for another 150.oo. All in all, I spent less than Php1,500.oo for more than 1 garment where in I usually spend that much for a pair of shoes only! HAHA. Am I starting to learn how to spend wisely? LOL! SALES and BAZAARS are now my new best friends. haha! So ayun nga, I am a certified P.G.! HAHAHA. 

I had fun doing shopping alone and I always do. Growing up with 3 boys (my dad and 2 brothers), I learned how impatient men are when it comes to shopping. HAHAHA! *peace* Even my boyfriend. Like if we're dating in a mall and decided to shop, we have to seperate ways so we can buy whatever we wanna buy or else we'll end up buying nothing at all. Really! HAHAHA! Admit it girls, we're the only ones who understand each other when it comes to mall-ing! :)

On a serious note, I used to believe that Friday the 13th is indeed a not-so-luck day. Now I guess some things out of our control are really bound to happen. It solely depends on us on how we are going to live and face them. Remember, being HAPPY is a CHOICE. And to choose or not to choose is always a CHOICE. Well then, I would always CHOOSE the brighter side of life. ☺

How about you? How's your April Friday the 13th? :)

Mucho Love,

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