Friday, April 13, 2012

WINNERS of Miss Mannequin + SunDMan Heatwave Summer Bazaar Giveaway

Thank you guys for joining my very first little giveaway! Since it's my first, and because Miss Maris Tan of Miss Mannequin is soooo sweet and generous, the FOUR of you who joined WIN!

Maria Ysabel Maunay
Jamie Ann del Mundo
Anne Ville Purificacion
Luisito Manahan


But wait....THERE's MORE! EACH of you will receive Miss Mannequin's 10% Discount Coupon!
Isn't that great? So don't miss out your chance to visit the grand launching of Miss Mannequin at BOOTH #57!

Here's a sneak preview of some of the the perfect summer outfits you will see at BOOTH #57!

Wanna see more? 
Like Miss Mannequin on facebook and follow @HiMissMannquin on twitter!

I've already reached the winners via e-mail on how to claim their tickets and discount coupons. Heatwave Bazaar begins today, Friday the 13th until April 15, Sunday , 11AM-9PM, World Trade Center. So you can come as early as today.

See you at the Heatwave Summer Bazaar this weekend!  Happy shopping!

Keep visiting my page because my FIRST MAJOR GIVEAWAY is COOOMING SOOOOON! :)

Much Love,

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