Sunday, April 1, 2012

A jam-packed yet meaningful Saturday

Geeeez! I finally got the time for my blog. hehe.

I wanna share with you guys the 'feats' I had yesterday. As the title goes, it was jam-packed yet meaningful and fun! 

As early as 12:30AM, God gave me a reason to face the day with extra glee. 

I now have my FIRST sponsor for my blog and will be holding my first blog giveaway soon! I am grateful to Ms. Joan Lee for trusting and giving me the opportunity to blog about her products. Trust me guys, these are very cute and fab items you can rarely find in the online world. Can't exactly tell how but after I visited her page and browsed some photos, I tried my luck to acquire a sponsorship through her upon sending my proposal. She said she like my ideas and told me right away that she'll be sponsoring my first blog giveaway. Isn't that just awesome? I know right! I will reveal the 'product' I am referring to soon. Stay tuned. :)

Few minutes after Ms. Joan and I had the talk, I slept with a big smile ^________^ on my face. Then woke up early for another 'feat' is awaiting. I will finally meet CatchG! I think he's the only male blogger I am following so far. For the first time, I joined a blog giveaway, and it was his. Luckily, I won! My first blog giveaway feat! So me and other 4 winners will be receiving 500Php worth of GC and a shirt from YabuPH. I haven't tried their famous Tonkatsu yet so I am sooooo excited. :) See my future posts for the whole story and some photos. :)

Next was dating with my boyfriend. After meeting CatchG, I went home and met my boyfriend to watch the movie 'Wrath of the Titans'. It was a great movie. Will make a review about it real soon. After the show, I FORCED him to come with me at The Off Price Show, he was hesitant at first but after putting off all my convincing power, he still didn't manage to say no. haha! I think my boyfriend enjoyed as much as I did. We were able to buy US brand clothes for a much cheap price. More of this soon! hahahahaha! :)

Last feat yesterday was participating and joining the Switch Off ceremony for the Earth Hour at Ayala Triangles, Makati. Thankful to my boyfriend Dawn, baby brother Lui and FB (Favorite Buddy) Robie for coming with me. It was successful and fun. I'd love to expose myself more with this kind of events/campaigns.  Again, details are to be followed. haha!

From Makati, me and my brother entered the bus heading to Bulacan. When we passed by at the Obando Church. Vendors are lined-up busy decorating palm fronds. It dawned to me that it's another  day. It's Palm Sunday already. Also April Fools' Day. I smiled. Confident that this day is another blessed one. New feat is surely just around the corner. :)

Don't you love maximizing your 'day off' with various activities such as these? Glad my last day of March was fully stretched with every minute's worth spending and cherishing. :)



  1. i'm lovin' it!!! i had fun haha mwah! i love you!!! :-D

  2. i had fun too!!! haha i love you! :-D

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    1. Hi Alvin! You can follow me here. Thanks for viewing my page! :)


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