Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Feat Revealed: SunDMan + Personalized Accessories

Yeeeeeees! I finally got my very FIRST blog sponsor! And I am proud to tell you guys that it's Personalized Accessories by Ms. Joan Lee. Personalized Accessories are stylish accessories personally designed and made by Ms. Joan Lee herself. You're free to choose from variety of colors and designs or use your creativity to request any style and specifications you want.

When I checked for photos, my first impression was 'WOOOOW! They are so CUTE!. hahaha. No kidding! :) I swear you'll love them as much as I do! I can't wait to see and try those trendy embellishments and have it matched up with my Earthly Capiz-Made Earrings fresh from Boracay.

Thanks Princess and Alvin for these wonderful pasalubong! Love et! :)
So you better watch out for my FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY sponsored by Personalized Accessories. I am giving away 3 cute and fashionable rings (requested by me) and a dashing classy necklace from SIMPLY  STUNNING Collection (recommended by Ms. Joan) that you surely gonna love! Stay tuned! :)

I am thankful and thrilled and excited! I know you guys feels the same way too! :)

For the mean time, you can check PERSONALIZED ACCESSORIES Facebook Page to see those cute items I am bragging about. hahaha. Place your order right away! :) Happy Shopping! ♥

Much Love,

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