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Have you visited Meg Magazine's facebook page or website lately? Well you should! haha. Last week, I received an e-mail with a subject, "CONGRATULATIONS for being a finalist in ALCATEL'S GLAM 810D promo! Tell your friends to vote now!"

Funny because the e-mail contains a longer subject than the actual message! The message says, 'Voting is from now until May 30 :) Tell your friends!'. If their aim is to immediately catch the attention of the finalist, it worked well because I hurriedly checked out their website and found out that it was for real! My entry to Alcatel's Dare To Be Different Promo was chosen to be at the final 5! Honestly, this is one of the contests I just randomly entered upon browsing my twitter timeline. So I was surprised that I made it. I didn't even anticipate for it. But one thing I am proud of is that I answered my best dare to be different moment from the bottom of my heart. See my entry here:

My best 'dare to be different' moment was when I decided to started blogging, last month. I was afraid at first, mainly because of my figure, but then I knew that I have to keep my faith with myself and pursue my passion for it. Otherwise, I might end up asking myself, 'What ifs'. Whatever it takes, I know I just have to MAKE THINGS WORK OUT. Now, I am starting to feel the happiness while having that sense of fulfillment. Finally, I am able to explore and share to the world a bit of me while gaining friends from various places and discovering what's inside me. One thing I learned from it so far is that I don't need to try hard to become different, I just have to be myself, feel the confidence in me and keep believing on (what I never thought) I can do! I will never stop reaching for the highest star in the universe!

They were all true, I was afraid to blog because I know that once I open even just a single window of myself, it means I opened the book of my life with millions and tons of eyes...of criticisms,  judgments...and belittling. Why did I think so? Because of my figure. Because I am a communication graduate with latin honors and I ought not to commit a single mistake with every post I make. I was afraid because I wasn't born with a golden spoon. I was afraid because I know blogging could take me to a certain cost. For so many times, I proved how great our Father is. You know what? All my inhibitions were suddenly erased when I came across to a blog that aims to inspire plump women of all ages. I felt like I finally found my home, a reason to push forward and courage to challenge myself. 

Thank you Plump Pinays for being such an inspiration. Also to Alex Lapa for sharing the wonderful quote from Tim Gunn, "Make it work out". Thus, making my entry reach the final stage of Alcatel's Dare To Be Different Promo with the prize of Alcatel Glam 819D, which, isn't as expensive as Iphone, Blackberry and other Smartphones nowadays. Yet, I find the phone stylish, unique and girly with its compact-like-look.

I cannot say that my entry is the best of all for each of us is different in our own unique personalities and stories. Still, I feel eager to win since I made to the final stage of the contest and I am one step closer to having that tiny and chic cellphone. Whether I make it or not, the fact that i got featured on Meg Magazine's home page is already a reward that will be treasured forever. :)

Currently, I am on the 2nd spot among the 5 finalists. Voting has started last week and will end on May 30. I do hope you can support me with this one sweeties! ♥

Check out the mechanics here:
How to vote for Sunshine: 
1. Click on the Disqus Like button (1 point), Share on Facebook (1 point) and post a comment (2 points) if you want to vote for Dorcas to win.
2. The nominee with the most number of DISQUS Likes (1 point), Shares (1 point) and Comments (2 points)by 12noon of May 30, 2012 will win the brand new Alcatel Glam 819D chic cellphone.
3. Winners will be announced on MEG and Alcatel Facebook and Twitter pages AND on
4. Prize will be claimed by the winner at Strata 100, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

You now know what to do! Please please do vote for me here:

Also, I have on-going giveaways where helping me win the contest is part of the mechanics.
Check them out HERE & HERE. Tomorrow, I am also launching another awesome blog giveaway for you my lovely readers! 

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