Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Diary: Bloggers United 3 ♥---FINALLY!

It was a gloomy day...the dark clouds and foreboding heavy rain seemed to be testing my guts if I will pursue or not.
On our way to BU3- Grandview Events Place
How can I afford to back out when I defied the odds just to attend this event? Yes, that day, June 2 was also my brother's birthday, I told you before that I wasn't really sure of coming because we'll celebrate my dad and brother's birthday (out of town). But THANK GOD! HE gave me a very loving and supportive family. They know how much it means to me. So my brother arranged that we'll attend a mass and then eat dinner instead. Love you Kuyakoy! ♥ Of course I am sharing it with you...SOON. :) 

On the other hand, the weather kinda won, I felt weary and decided to wear a casual outfit instead. I have already imagined a heavy pouring rain messing up with my outfitey as I go out of the taxi. Oh Bell, I hate the hassle. So I came wearing my favorite cream pencil cut skirt and my ROB polo shirt and a Fitflops. As foreseen, it was starting to drizzle as we alight the taxi. Ugh. At the back of my mind, I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. 
JAM-PACKED Traffic. Epek ng BU3. lol 
Still, I was so excited. :) But to tell you honestly, I kinda felt weak when I saw how many people were there already. :( Just like the traffic, it was JAM-PACKED! Gawsh, next BU, I promise not to be late again and arrive at least an hour before the opening! haha. My fault anyway.

Here are only some of the cute and unique stuffs I saw at the most interactive shopping affair, 
Bloggers United! ***photo blast again***

Felt these shoes crying...:(
Hope we can be careful next time and try to shop orderly. :)
Nice cork board! 
Freebies and contests were also given and held during the event, hosted by 
Ms. Melai Entuna of 
Style & Soul Blog. Best booth was won by Ms. Joana Ladrido!

With some of my favorite bloggers! My most awaited scenario! hahaha.
With Cheyz Mester
Thanks to Dawn for the photo.
With David Guison
With Lissa Kahayon
Thanks to Hezron for taking the photos.
With Raleen
Thanks to her singing bud for taking the photo.

Spotted bloggers!
Took a photo of Lola instead since my favorite Plump Pinay Bloggers
 haven't arrived yet.
Kagat-labi! Conscious si Grannie. :)
                   Tracy Ayson
The sisters- Vern & Verniece
Seph & Shai
Mommy Sarah Tirona
Sadly this was the only photo I got from Alexandra's Booth. :(

Same with Laureen Uy's & Camille Co's :(

I know how beezy bees they were during the event so I didn't make kulit to snap a photo with them na. It's obvious naman sa photo. hehe. Glad that I still got these souvenirs. :)

Registration booth
Thanks ETC for the kit I got from the raffle bowl!
HAHAHA! I love this one:
HIndi pwedeng walang OUTFIT SHOT AREA! haha

Oooops! Look who I saw before we left! (rushing back to the unit to prepare for the Mass at Mega & Dinner) 
With Denise Lunod 
With matching windy effect! haha.

And loooooooooook! There's more!
With Alexandra Lapa!
Yes, we're about to the leave the place when I saw someone running under the rain. OV course I grabbed the chance! Sorry Alex for being too agitated! :) She's so sweet because I heard her say my name. I was surprised that she knows me. She was even the first one who tweeted me the next day saying...

Aaaaw, Isn't that sweet? I love you Alexander Lapa! ♥ She has the weirdest story and personality that made me love her! haha And a GOLDEN heart too!

I guess I was late to catch good items and early to catch my favorite bloggers.  hahaha! #fail
Most of them are out, maybe having lunch by the time I visited. Anyhow, I know there's more BU pa naman so I'll make sure to catch them all next time by staying there the whole day! hahahaha. 

Blogging has been so addicting because you get to know lots and lots of amazing people and eventually befriend with them! 

Hey, look kung sino ang uma-outfit post!
Parang namalengke lang! haha. ♥

BTW, thanks to Alyanna Dela Cruz & Sarah Tirona for our passes!
Sharing with you what's inside my BU3 loot c/o Clear Shampoo on my next post! 

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  1. ambilis tlga magkaubusan dito..grabe sana may BU4 this year!

    1. HAHA. Yeah. :(
      I think so! I read a blog that says, see you on december! haha. Hopefully!
      Hope to see you there! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  2. Oooh I spot myself haha! We should have had a photo together! :)

    1. hahaha! I'm shy! :) Look how busy & serious you were! haha.
      We can have photos together naman sa Red Mango right? hahahaha!
      ***crossing my fingers***

      Thanks for dropping by Krissy! *kilig* :)


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