Monday, June 11, 2012

My BU3 Loot

Haloooo! Feeling sinisipag to blog tonight since tomorrow's a holiday! Yiiipeee! Expect more tomorrow because I promised that I'll finish all my backlogs tomorrow.
BTW, I just wanna share what's inside my CLEAR Tote last BU3. Thanks to Clear for helping us save our mother earth by giving away tote bags during the event! :)

First, I got these 3 for free, the tote bag from clear (unli?) haha, back issue (March 2012) of Meg Magazine and lastly, a toiletry kit courtesy of ETC! :)

If you were there, you know that it was kinda hard searching for great pieces for friendly prices because everyone seems to be throwing out, throwing in stuffs all around. haha! In my case, I visited some of the booths that I told I am going to visit on my Hype for #BU3 post. I did but they were all crowded and so I decided to save myself from chaos. LOL. So I flocked to these 3 not-too-crowdy and organize (so far) booths and here are what I got:

Top Shop Red Cardigan: Php 150

I bought this red cardigan from Raleene's booth for only Php150. YAY! Right? I love its texture! Not too mainit on the skin.

Short-Sleeve Long Black Cardigan
Creme Floral Sheer Top

The items says Php200 and Php180 but I got them both for Php300 only. Thanks to Plump Pinay's Grannie for giving me discount!
Gold Elephant Necklace
My favorite! I bought this lovely necklace from Patricia Prieto's booth for only Php100. Yaaaaay! I've actually worn it TWICE na. haha!

So they were all I got. Plus I only had a limited time to shop because my family's waiting for me. :) YES, that's all!  I am not really good with something like this like going thrift stores or tiangges.  In fact, I don't like the idea of thrift shopping but since I know where the clothes/items are coming from, it's fine with me. :) I'll see you next BU season! haha. Let's fill our tote with more LOVE and FAB ITEMS and help other people through shopping!

Spread the love! Don't let the bugs bite! 

Night night,
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  1. i have the same necklace!!! :D great finds!!


    1. Really? hahaha! Yes, I think I saw a bunch of the same. Nice that! I wanna see you wearing your DUMBO the elephant necklace too! :)


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