Thursday, June 14, 2012

Popjunklove is THE NEXT BIG THING!

One of the most coveted celebrations of the current trends and latest food finds awaits all 
SHOP-AHOLICS! The SEARCH for the Next BIG Thing is BACK!

Rockwell's Bazaar IN SEARCH FOR THE NEXT BIG THING onsets tomrrow, June 15 (Friday)from 11AM-10PM and will run until June 17 (Sunday) at The Rockwell Tent.

Come with your friends and don't forget to visit & VOTE for Popjunklove!
Why VOTE for Popjunklove? 
Because they run a business for a CAUSE. Something that will be beneficial to all of us!
Click the PHOTO or simply click HERE to know more about Popjunklove!
Visit their booth and have fun for they have prepared so many surprises for you that you will truly enjoy! That includes a PHOTOBOOTH, DIY Father's Day Cards, Raffle Draws and a lot more! Plus, you get to meet the lovely & sweet ladies behind the best DIY shop around the globe, Maan & Romana! ♥


Want some easy perks? Just confirm your attendance below by leaving your FULL NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS and I will send you a CODE for you to avail 20% DISCOUNTon POPJUNKLOVE ITEMS! 
Easy peasy right? That's how Popjunklove loves you my dear sweeties!

See you at The Rockwell Tent this coming weekend! Don't forget to...
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