Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Call Me Maybe Baby Brother?

Just the thought that I will make this post makes me shiver and laugh to death already!
This is actually a video of me and my baby brother covering the viral song "Call Me Maybe". We woke up last Saturday watching different versions of Call Me Maybe covers and found ourselves doing our own. I just wanna SHARE the FUN especially that it was our first time to do something as crazy as this. And I hope won't be the last. :)

I wanna share this to you guys first before this goes viral and trending worldwide! WOW, youtube sensation? hahaha. Prepare for a real nerve-racking and hilarious scene here. #dyahe! haha. We were just merely having fun and we don't even memorize the lines! hahahaha.

It might take awhile before we get to do another spontaneous thing like this. :(
My brother's actually in a very crucial and exciting stage of being a college student this year. He's a graduating student now and currently taking his internship and soon will be doing his thesis. Well, my advice to you my dearest and super obedient brother is that you make the most out of it, be the best that you can be while making lots of memories and having fun. You will surely miss schooling once you left the University! So make sure there'll be no regret in every decision that you will have to make. And don't forget to pray, HARD, it works ALL THE TIME.
We believe in you! :)

Haaaay, sorry for making drama but time flies really fast. Still, I am glad that even though we're grown  ups now, we still manage to bond and spend together with each other and make a marvelous memories like this one. Hope you had fun watching the video. LOL!

Just in case you need a back up, you can CALL ME MAYBE? :)

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  1. Hahahaha. it's the props! I thought nagperform kayo sa stage!(because of the thumbnail) haha

    1. Hahahaah! Thanks! Effect lang sya sa youcam. Hope you liked it! ***shy*** hahahaha! ♥

  2. Grrrr! You did not wait for me. This is an original plan with me and ate prince. hello?!

    1. I dont know about your plan. And as stated, it was just random. We didn't plan it all. hahahaha! ♥

  3. You couldve used the pool.

    1. We thought about shooting at the pool but thinking that bringing everything up there is so hassle. Plus there was a group of people at the pool that time. that's too much of embarrassment already. hahahaah! ♥

  4. Replies
    1. haha! Thanks! Loving your blog title! That's my name! ♥

  5. Cuuuute! My friends and I are actually joking that we should do something like this lol

    1. Thank you! You should! For fun and bonding experience. :) hihi Thanks dear! Followed you via tumblr. :)


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