Saturday, June 23, 2012

WINNER of 1K worth of Accessories from Popjunklove

Long wait is over sweeties! I really wanna apologize for the super delayed announcements of winners from my giveaways. I've been feeling so unwell lately. Grrrr. Blame the sudden changes of weather. Oh well, I'll make it up with you by holding a new giveaway tonight. Love that? I doooo! Yey! :)

To the LUCKY WINNER, I'll be getting your details and will give it to Ms. Romana of Popjunklove and they will keep in touch with you for the items you want. Please visit their facebook page at Popjunklove or multiply at for the choices. Just a warning to the winner, allot at least an hour upon picking the items of your choice. haha! Swear! They have the most unique accessories I've ever seen. :) 
Don't worry, Ms. Romana will assist you naman. :)

Click HERE to know if you're the LUCKY READER I am talking about!

Thanks to Popjunklove for the collaboration! ♥ To the winner, choose wisely and don't forget to share your picks! Congratulations! :)

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  1. thank you so much Miss Sun! :) hihi excited to buy the Minions plushie for my kids. God bless you and PopJunkLove!

    1. Aw. That's so sweet. :) Congratulations to you! your kids will surely love them. :) ^_^


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