Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Call Me "LEO"patra

As promised, here's my outfit at the Oxygen Show last Philippine Fashion Week. I do not know why I came up with this Leopard Outfit. haha! I can't even imagine I had the guts to wear something loud and wild like this. This is soooooo not me! hahaha. Well, trying something new is always a challenging task for me so why not? I just found this daring  leopard dress at Bread n' Butter, SM Valenzuela for only Php30o, if I remember it right. I got overwhelmed because it fits me and that's so very rare to happen with my figure. Finding a dress that would suit me is such a big STRESS for me. So I bought it without any idea on when and what occasion I could wear it. #randomME!

Loving the photo with the wavy effect of my dress! BTW, I won these wonderful Porter shoes at one of the giveaways on Lissa Kahayon's blog few days before the Fashion Week. Feeling so lucky! It was very timely!

You've seen this bag on my yummy eats post. Yes, I've used it first here. See how perfectly it matched  the color of my outfit. Thanks to Manila Shopper and Therapy Bags for my another blog giveaway feat! yey! Moreover, I bought the leopard kimono to have something to pair with the dress. Do you think I picked the right piece? 

Oh, what made me love even more the leopard dress is this. It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone with its beaded halter. No need to wear a necklace because the wooden halter is already a statement. :)
My favorite Mango watch
Capiz Earring
My favorite Capiz Earring from Davao. I wore this for the second time already. If you remember, I had this included in my summer glam outfit at the KOI Fashion Show.
The trio
I bought this at Heatwave Summer Bazaar at World Trade. Also one of my favorites, especially the wooden one. See how much I love earth colors and wooden-made stuffs! haha.

So here's the complete package:

Sooooooorry for my posing. I'll do better next time. Or better yet, give me some pieces of advice on how to do a "blogger" pose! haha. I'd appreciate that! If you'd notice I am wearing a different pair of black shoes in my middle photo. I had to change because I cannot manage to go home wearing the 5-inch porter shoes! I need to practice pa! hahaha. Glad I have my Shoe Gallery shoes with me for replacement. It saved my swollen toes! :)

HYPE anyone? :)

What can you say? May K ba? ♥
 Feeling sleepy already! *yawn* Back to work tomorrow!
Goodnight sweeties!  Happy Independence Day! :)

Dress: Bread n' Butter, Shoes: Shoe Gallery, Pretaporter, Kimono: Closet Chic
Bag: Therapy Bags

Photo courtesy of my dearest friend, Robie Sarmiento. 

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  1. Just keep on practicing dear. :) But it would help if you bring flip flops for emergency cases. :)

    1. haha yeah! Thanks mich! Ill keep that in mind! BTW, thanks for your review! I i've found the 2 reviews! :)


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