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Photo Diary: #OXYGENPHFW 2012

A week before the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012, my brother won three passes to the Oxygen during the Moonleaf Xie-Xie ParTEA at Quezon City. Swear, I was jumping my heart out! hahaha.(See story HERE) There was no regret coming to that fun and full of excitement event. Thank you so much Moonleaf! 

I would like to congratulate one of my favorite clothing brands for putting up a tacit yet willowy show! It was my first time to attend Philippine Fashion Week so  I was kind of nervous but excited especially that I'll be witnessing the show of the brand I was eyeing for.

I would describe Oxygen's show as one of the minimalists during the entire season. Getting an invite for this show was really a WOW for me. Yes, unlike other brands, they are not giving passes for free. One must avail a coat worth Php2,000 (if I'm not mistaken) from them to get
2 passes. :( It was a luxury for me to  spend that amount  and erratically buy a coat for passes.
So you could just imagine my uber-surprised reaction when we won the invites.

Going back, here's my verdict to the show:
Danica Magpantay-Ford Model (Center)
The collection disembarked in set of colors. Filled with  in vogue and spanking new designs of tangerines, reds, azures and of course their imprint---hues of black & white. It seemed to represent the conspiracy of the Sun (with its tangerine & red) & Moon (with the hues of azure/blue).

The show remained sophisticated with the looks and collection showed to the audience. Modestly impressive! Fine prints and patterns, textured cardigans, with some metallic and geometrical pieces refurbished with statement accessories left the audience at awe. 

There was no local celebrity who walked at the runway at Oxygen's show, which is evidently different from the other brands and quite snooping. Still, Oxygen put up another majestic and indisputable great show solely with their in depth, fastidious and cut-throat outline.

See more of what the top clothing brand, Oxygen, has to offer:
So what's your style? 
The very creative shot of my friend Robie Sarmiento. My FAVORITE!
Took photos before the show starts:
Hezron with his friends

Bianca Gonzales
Bianca came with a nude colored simple dress. She's very sweet, kind and down to earth. 
Walang ERE sa katawan! ♥
Tim Yap
Oh my! Timmy! Who wouldn't spot him with his colorful floral top and yellow pants? We already saw him during the show and kept my eye on him for a photo opt! Success! :)
Ms. Sarah Tirona
With blogger IDOLS, Aisa, Ana, & Sarah 
C.O.G! As in Caught Off Guard! hahaha. Such sweet ladies! 
I really admire their closeness & friendship!
blogger friend, Hezron Peralta 
My IDOL Blogger, Vern Enciso
Fresh from Superb Bazaar! I know she's tired already but she's too kind to pose for a photo with me. See you again Vern!

We haven't eaten dinner yet so we went out the hall super starved! 
Had dinner at my brother's favortie, McDo! haha
Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeze!
Messy Table
This experience wouldn't be an incredible one without my BOYS! 
Super duper thanks to my FB (Favorite Buddy) friend, Robie for replacing Dawn as my photographer and also to my baby brother Lui! 

Outfit post upcoming. :)

Photo courtesy of Robie Sarmiento.

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