Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eazy Shopping with Eazy Fashion

I love shopping online. Who doesn't? haha! It has become the most convenient way shopping nowadays and has been part of my system now. I cannot miss visiting online stores every time I would sit in front of my computer. Some of the items that I had purchased so far are dress, shoes, vouchers for foods, accessories, cosmetics, and other fashion apparels that I find unique and interesting.
Just recently, I discovered another lovely online store where I found cute and super girly stuffs. The website easily caught my attention since I am loving the pink color lately. Wanna know what is it? It's actually the one I held a giveaway with few days ago. Got it? 
It's Eazy Fashion

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Eazy Fashion. Holding a giveaway for the BEST ONLINE SUPPLIER OF FASHION ACCESSORIES IN THE PHILIPPINES is truly an achievement for me. It was a great and unforgettable experience working with Eazy Fashion! Thank you! Thank you! I hope that won't be the last! :)

Fashion is indeed extra eazy with Eazy Fashion. Eazy shopping, eazy perks and eazy find of amazing items to suit your fashion style!

 Know more about Eazy Fashion:
Click photo to direct on their website

Eazy Fashion is the ultimate apparel online site to fulfill your styling needs.  Be it accessories, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, as in anything unique and stylish! 

Don't wonder why they became the Best Online Supplier of fashion essentials in our country because they have a BIG HEART. Their aim is to help every Filipino to earn and build up their own business through Eazy Fashion even WITHOUT CAPITAL. I admire their desire to lend a hand to our fellow Filipinos. I salute you for that!

So why not start earning with Eazy Fashion? Click HERE to learn more on how you could become a RESELLER of the best fashion online store in the country!

If you're into Korean Fashion or anything Asian, Eazy Fashion is definitely your best one-stop wholesale & retail fashion shop! They provide their customers with BIG DISCOUNTS, FREE SHIPPING and FREE ITEMS if you like them on facebook or if you're a first time buyer! Click HERE to see more of their promos!

Just so you know, I love filling up my online shopping carts with the items I love and purchase them eventually one by one. Wanna take a sneak peek of what I currently have with Eazy Fashion's? haha. Here they are:
Php 390
Yes, I kept my eyes with this Emily Brushes Set with Leather Pouch. This is actually one of the prizes that was given to the winner of SunDMan x Eazy Fashion Mid-Summer Eazy Giveaway. I actually joined other contests sponsored by Eazy Fashion too that feature this brush set as prize. Unfortunately, I haven't won in any yet so I decided to buy myself one instead.  :)
I love these two cute angel accessories. I think they can make a perfect match.  They remind me of my favorite cartoon character, Card Captor Sakura! 
Last but not the least, this Carnation Pink Ankle Boots! Pink again?! haha. I don't know. I just love the color and the thin white lace. I wanna wear this while strolling in the mall. I bet I'll have people eyes on me. haha! ♥

To Eazy Fashion, may you continue to help uplift and inspire more Filipinos and may your venture grow bigger and better!

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself for an Eazy Shopping at Eazy Fashion today and shop til you drop! ♥

More about Eazy Fashion:
Facebook: Eazy Fashion
Phone Number: (02) 585-3112
Mobile Number: 0917-586-5555
Operation Hours: Monday-Saturday (8:00-6:00PM)

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  1. Hi! Do you know any review posts about the emily brush. I'm eyeing that brush for a long time but couldn't find any reviews kasi :3

    1. Oh! We're eyeing for the same brush! hahaha. I haven't seen any yet. But I'll try to look for one. I'll tell you when I found one. Thanks for always dropping by my blog Arra! Stay pretty! ♥

    2. thanks. dami ko na rin sinalihan for that brush & i love the color pink LOL. Oh no biggie. thanks for following back :D

    3. hahaha! same here dear! :) My pleasure! Thanks too! ♥♥♥


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