Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Happy Independence Day to my fellow Filipinos! 

Today, I am freeing myself from disorderliness as I decided to move my "SunDManOnYourFace" blog here in SunDManOnFeat and make a page instead through labels. Just in case you don't know, I made this (supposed to be) "beauty & cosmetics blog" together with SunDManOnFeat but ever since I made my first post last March 21, 2012, I never had time on updating it since I spent most of my time for my personal blog which is this. 

So starting today, expect that you will be seeing anything under the SUN- events, campaigns, reviews on accessories, clothes, including MAKE-UPS (yey), and other of my personal adventure  (except food) here in this blog. Sorry, but I am really firm to separate my food blog (SunDManOnYourTummy). 

To everyone who dropped by my SunDManOnYourFace blog, thank youuuuu! Please keep visiting SunDManOnFeat & SunDManOnYourTummy instead. :) 
I'll be deleting the SunDManOnYourFace na so I can have more focus. :(

Check out my post here, hope you'll like this one! ♥

Koshize Brazilian Red Lipstick by Sophie Paris

I suddenly felt the urge to share a my first post here on SunDManonFashion. :) Give me a warm welcome please! :)

I know aside from diamonds and jewelries, make-ups are the next to girls best friend.

Hmmm, so I decided to share with you guys this Koshize Brazilian Red Lipstick I ordered at Sophie Paris (Yes, the one belongs to the growing direct-selling companies like Avon, MSE, Sun Dance, Mary Kay, etc), which arrived today.

I first saw the shade of this lipstick on one of my colleagues, and thought that I like the color, well, I don't think it's being inggetera (envious) at all but instead I'm just being one of those girls who like to know how it would look like first before purchasing a (beauty) product, since I only have a catalog for reference and couldn't try it, and to make sure that there will be no regret in the end or at least go away with the tag 'impulsive buyer'. 

Too excited to try my new lipstick on, of course I gotta retouch (thing I don't usually do) before me and my workmates go out for a lunch.
Trying my newly arrived Brazilian Red Lipstick by Sophie Paris. I matched it with my 
Starry Starry Night Purple Earring :)
Side view
Boom! I knew it! I know well enough that these kind of shades are perfect for my 'morena' (fair) skin tone.  Maybe the fact that Brazilian women have almost the same skin color with us, 'Brazilian Red' was named because it is really meant for darker people.

Don't you love painting the town Brazilian Red? :)
Starry Starry Night Purple Earring gifted by my Aunt Baby
who lives in Las PiƱas.. I so love this!
Without eyeglasses...
I think it brings out a natural and lighter glow on my face, thus, making me look a little whiter. I also love that 'kontrabida' look with this Brazilian Rep Lipstick on. Red shades or those dark ones really complement everything about my face. I must know because I was like too frustrated when I ordered that 'pink-pink' girly shade lipstick on the same catalog. Laugh hard but I have to tell that it only enhanced that 'piggy-piggy' figure/look of me. I didn't use it again since then and I swear I will never ever buy pink colored lipsticks again, or perhaps not anymore of that particular shade! hahaha.

Another reason why I love this Brazilian Lipstick is because it's very handy it can even fit into your wallet or pockets so it's always on the go wherever you go. 

And what makes this Koshize Lip Glammer especial to me is this particular note I rarely find with other cosmetics. It has an expiration date printed on it's box! So no need to worry about how long we should keep this make-up unlike other brands. 

Now I am ready to face challenges of life beautifully!
Having purple earrings and red lipstick added some glow on my face!
We all know that every girl is very particular and O-C on very shade of colors they put on their face, and if they've been putting make-ups on for quite sometime, for sure they already have their own personal brand to buy their make-ups from.

But if you want a cheaper branded lipstick that lasts all day long, visit  Sophie Paris! They have so much make-up tools and products in store for you!

Every girl needs to be ready....because we will never know when our Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armour would arrive to give us that fairy-tale-like, happy-ending KISS...who lady doesn't want to be beautiful and fierce when it happens...? 

Feel free gays and gals to share your favorite make-up brands and why, tips on which is perfect for a specific skin, type of make-up for a specific event or gathering or anything related to that I could also learn more about the world of cosmetics! ♥

Brazilian Kisses!♥

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  1. Hahahaha! I can totally relate. It's so hard maintaining different blogs at the same time. How I admire bloggers who can manage that.

  2. HAHA! Same here. I know someone who has four. :) It's really hard for a working girl like me. hehe. Thank you for dropping by! ♥

  3. I just stick with one blog. I can't manage more than one. :)

    1. Yeh, its really hard. But I dont wanna mix up my food blog here. haha. So I'll do my best to update both. ♥ Thanks michy!!!


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